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Handling Yacht Crew Accidents and Injuries

Mar 14, 2022

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So you recently got a job on a yacht and want to make sure your safety is the number one priority. At South Florida Yacht Management, we have been working on maritime vessels of various sizes and have seen our fair share of yacht crew injuries and accidents. With the help of our superyacht management team, we are here to help provide the best advice on how to handle yacht crew injuries and accidents the right way. 

Working on yachts and superyachts can be a dangerous line of work. Crew safety on a superyacht comes in different aspects and is dependent on regulations, owners, captains, and the crew members themselves. It is imperative that crew members are aware when working together and are mindful of ways to maintain their safety while working on a yacht. Accidents on a yacht can be prevented as long as crew members are proactive rather than reactive on the job. Here are some tips and advice on how to handle yacht crew injuries when they do occur: 

  1. All yachts and maritime vessels should have a top-notch first-aid kit on board for mishaps in which a medical emergency or injury has occurred. Using the equipment found on the boat’s first aid kit handles the injury immediately, providing the support the crew member needs at that time. If you are in the port, the yacht crew member will receive the help of first responders after immediate first aid. 
  2. Whether the yacht crew accident or injury takes place in a marina or out at sea, be sure to follow up that they are being properly treated in accordance with their contract. While there are specific laws protecting yacht crew members, it is important to do what is morally correct and ensure that they are being properly taken care of after a yacht crew accident. 
  3. After the trauma of the first aid accident or injury has been handled, make sure that the crew member’s medical bills are paid for. International maritime laws protect all yachting crew members from something known as “maintenance and cure”. That is in regard to food and lodging expenses and any medical treatment for any injuries or accidents. 
  4. The last step to handling yacht crew accidents and injuries is getting in touch with your insurance company. Two different types of insurance can be involved when handling yacht crew injuries. There is the crew’s health insurance and there is also the vessel’s protection and indemnity, which can make the whole process to be a tad more complicated. 

Yacht Crew Safety Tips 

A captain's biggest priority and responsibility are to ensure the safety of their crew members and passengers. A captain must be mindful of the range of things that can go wrong during a charter while out at sea. Whether it is rough seas, mechanical failures, or even fires, a captain must be prepared to handle any crew member accident or injury. 

If you have new crew members coming on board, have them take several safety precautions and regulation courses. A basic safety training class that meets the standards of the STCW is required for all crew members that wish to gain employment on any maritime vessel. It shows everyone onboard where to go in the case of an emergency out at sea, and how to be proactive rather than reactive. 

The STCW is an acronym used for Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping. The five-day safety course can help prevent injuries and accidents for crew members and must get renewed every 5 years. The instruction includes basic firefighting, personal survival, personal safety, and social responsibility, and elementary first aid tactics. 

Professional Yacht Crew Team in Fort Lauderdale 

At our South Florida marina, we have a professional team of crew members that put the needs of our boat and yacht owners at the forefront of every yacht serviced. Our marine technicians are certified or repair authorized, ensuring that jobs get completed to yacht manufacturer standards and specifications. 

The veteran group of professionals, technicians, and craftsmen at Yacht Management are highly trained in gelcoat refinishing, boat hull painting, and offer the best boat bottom cleaning services in South Florida. Contact us today and learn more about our crewmember safety guidelines and our yacht services in the Bahamas

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