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Guide to Planning a Superbowl Party on a Yacht

Jan 05, 2022

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Every year fans wait patiently for the moment they have all been waiting for, one of the biggest games in football! Families and friends get together to watch the Super Bowl in anticipation of the incredible halftime show, hilarious commercials, and to see their favorite team (or preferred league of the two) win the high stakes game. The annual National Football League game is famously known around the world and has legendary popularity across the nation. 

This year switch it up and get out of the cramped living room and host your very own Super Bowl yacht party. At Yacht Management South Florida, we service a wide range of boats providing pristine superyacht maintenance so our clients can enjoy the Super Bowl out on the open waters. Here is a guide to planning a Super Bowl party that will not only elevate the game-day experience but give you the opportunity to charter your yacht in style. 

How to Plan a Superbowl Party in Style 

When it comes to planning a Super Bowl party on a yacht, there are a couple of things that need to be taken care of prior to getting all your friends and family together. Hosting a party on a boat gives you the chance to watch the prime-time game, and can help add a little spice to friendly game rivalry. With the help of our Miami yacht maintenance team, here is everything you need to know when it comes to planning your Super Bowl party. 

Creating a Game Plan 

Plan and create a game plan for your event. It is a big day for many people, so planning ahead can help ensure that your guests are available. Creating your Super Bowl yacht party guest list ahead of time provides your guests the chance to block out their schedules. As soon as you can, send out a virtual invite, text, or call your guests with details on the party. 

Run a Play on Broadcasting 

Everyone's gathering around for one specific reason, to watch the Super Bowl. It will be upsetting if things don’t pan out as planned on the game day. Be sure to get all the broadcasting details ironed out before the game, such as finding out what time the game is starting as well as what television network is showcasing the event. You can find this important information on the NFL’s official website with all the necessary details you need when planning a Super Bowl party. 

Another important note is to check out the weather forecast a couple of days in advance. No one will want to spend a rainy day out on a yacht so have a backup plan just in case you have to take your party indoors. 

Tailgating for the Superbowl on a Yacht

If you plan on enjoying the day out on the water before the big game, be sure to let your guest know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. Tailgating a yacht can be exhausting, especially on Super Bowl Sunday. Have plenty of beer, water, and snacks for your guests to enjoy throughout the day. Some great finger foods like chips, dip, buffalo wings, as well as other stadium favorites, like burgers and hotdogs, will keep your guests stuffed. 

A football field charcuterie board is sure to add an aesthetic and fun touch that your guests will appreciate and devour. Another terrific inclusion for a Super Bowl tailgating party is having the coolest water toys for yachts and watercraft for your guests to enjoy during the day. 

Decorate Your Yacht in Super Bowl Swag

What is a Super Bowl-themed yacht party without football swag decking out the boat? When planning a get-together for the big day, find time to pick up football-themed decor or streamers in the team's colors. There are plenty of fun props that can make for fun photo ops, like team-colored hats, beaded necklaces, and NFL beer mugs! 

Other fun Super Bowl decorations include: 

  • Game Day & NFL themed balloons 
  • Football Silhouette Centerpieces to decorate the snack bar 
  • Football Turf Table Runner
  • Football photo booth props
  • Football themed serving bowls and plates
  • Referee bottle wraps with whistles to add some extra fun to a water break. 

Yacht Maintenance Before a Yacht Party 

While you are planning a Super Bowl party, be sure to squeeze in some time to give your maritime vessel some TLC. Our Fort Lauderdale yacht restoration company offers a wide range of yacht management and maintenance services, so your boat not only runs smoothly but looks perfect for your charter adventures as well. We provide yacht bottom painting with incredible boat bottom painting prices other companies can't beat in South Florida. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Bahamas yacht services and yacht hull painting to reap the benefits of our first-class yacht management program, just in time for your Super Bowl yacht party. 

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