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What Type of Boat Should You Get?

Feb 09, 2022

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Are you planning on buying a boat but aren't sure which type of boat you should choose? Yacht Management is here to help. We are sharing all we know about finding the perfect type of boat for your maritime needs. Whether you are looking for a fast fishing boat or something to use leisurely in your spare time with family and friends, there are boats out there for everyone. From beginner boaters to old salty dogs, there are various types of boats to choose from, based on their use and activity level.

At our Yacht Management company, we have helped maintain our fair share of yachts and boats around the boatyard and know a thing or two about choosing the perfect boat for your needs. 

Different Types of Boats 

Depending on your lifestyle or goals of owning a boat, there are many different types of boats to choose from. Each was created with certain characteristics or modifications to fit the lifestyle or activity the boat was fabricated for. Here is a guide to some of the different types of boats so you can make the best decision for your maritime needs. 

All-Purpose Fishing Boat 

All-purpose fishing boats offer incredible versatility. As one of the most common small fishing boats, these offer a higher freeboard than bass boats and can withstand rough waters when pursuing larger fish. This highly functional fishing boat can be used for water skiing and tubing if it has a powerful outboard engine included. This type of boat can also be used to charter friends and family for a nice cruise on the water. 

All-purpose fishing boats can take you and some friends out for a day of fishing and usually hold a capacity of up to 8 passengers. 

Aluminum Fishing Boats 

Aluminum fishing boats are lighter and easier to transport. Aluminum boats are generally much smaller, require less maintenance, and don’t have a gel coat. Anglers everywhere prefer aluminum fishing boats as they are easier to launch and load at the boat ramp.

Bass Boats 

Bass boats are most popularly known as highly-specialized fishing machines. They are a great type of boat for fishing because of their shallow draft. This fishing boat offers a wide deck space for casting and plenty of fishing gear storage. The best part is that bass boats hold their value well, which is a great benefit to many anglers. 

Cabin Cruisers 

Want to charter in luxury? A cabin cruiser is the perfect type of boat for you! With so many different models to choose from, cabin cruisers come in a wide range of sizes. Most cabin cruisers include swim platforms, full enclosure options, and a comfortable ride in rough waters. Our team of yacht managers recommends cabin cruisers as the perfect family boat of choice. 

Power Cruisers 

Motor yachts and power cruisers are another great type of boat for the ocean. With speed, space, and luxury, these are a great option for families and for chartering friends. They provide comfortable accommodations for day cruising and overnight trips with a great ride through rougher waters. Cruising in comfort has never been better with a motor yacht. 

High-Performance Boats 

Do you have the need for speed? Then a high-performance boat is the perfect type of boat for you. 

Choosing the Right Boat 

When choosing the right boat, be sure to ask yourself these questions prior to making any final decisions. This will help you narrow down your choices on different types of boats and guide you to choosing the perfect boat. 

  • What type of activities do you enjoy on the water? 
  • How many people do you plan on taking out at a time? 
  • What size boat are you interested in? 
  • What propulsion do you favor most? 
  • Would you like a boat that can be trailered or something that will be staying at a professional boatyard nearby

Consider the type of boating activities you prefer to enjoy at sea and consider the different types of boats for ocean adventures. Here are some of our favorite boating activities:

  • Saltwater fishing 
  • Watersports 
  • Sailing
  • Day cruising
  • Overnight cruising 
  • Charters 

Yacht Maintenance Services in Fort Lauderdale 

Owning a boat is a big responsibility. After you buy the best type of boat for your maritime adventures, be sure to contact Yacht Management in South Florida. We offer a wide range of boat and yacht maintenance services to help ensure your vessel is splash-ready whenever you are. 

We offer premium gelcoat refinishing, boat bottom cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, and boat hull painting! Contact us today and learn more about how to maintain your boat and reap the benefits of our boat and superyacht management company. 

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