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Best Boat Accessories to Have Onboard

Feb 03, 2022


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It’s always prime-time boating season in South Florida! As the weather starts to get warmer, our yacht restoration company in South Florida is gearing up to take full advantage of the summer heat. One of the best ways to beat the heat while still enjoying the sunny weather is to spend as much time out on your boat or yacht as you can. Be sure to make the most out of your maritime adventures by including some of our favorite must-have boat accessories and gadgets. 

With the help of our Yacht Management team, and just in time for summer, we are sharing our insight on the best boat accessories and cool new boat gadgets. Our list includes everything you need onboard, like safety-oriented gadgets, convenience-oriented items, and some items curated just for fun!

Safe Boating Accessories 

Our superyacht management company takes boat safety very seriously and believes it is imperative to always be prepared in case of an emergency out on the water. Boating can be such a fun activity to spend with friends and family, but the best way to enjoy yourself on a boat is to be prepared.

First Aid Kit

A must-have boat accessory for every boat owner and the captain is a first aid kit. No boat should ever leave a dock without at least the basics. An accident can happen at any time while out on the water, and you'll want to be prepared with the basic necessities to address wounds and subtle emergencies. Here are a few boat must-haves to include in your first aid kit: 

  • A variety of bandages 

  • Antiseptic 
  • Cold packs
  • Pain relievers 
  • Gauze
  • Insect repellent 
  • Sunblock 
  • Stomach remedies to relieve motion sickness

Telescopic Boat Hook 

Telescopic boat hooks are the cool new boat gadgets of the summer that we have been seeing more and more at the docks. Used to help boaters dock and undock their boats, these are designed to make getting your boat closer to a dock or the dock lines easier. You can safely board or de-board your guests with a telescopic boat hook that provides a smooth transition onto and off of the vessel.

Underwater LED Lights 

A huge boat must-have this summer is underwater LED lights. With so many benefits to installing underwater LED boat lights, it is no wonder they have become more popular in recent years. Create a beautiful bright-colored glow in the water underneath your boat for safety, aesthetic, and fishing purposes. The added safety feature makes it easier for other boats to spot where you are and the size of your vessel, especially at night. 

Best Boat Accessories for Convenience

Nothing is better than boat accessories that make your adventure convenient and fun! With the help of our team at Yacht Management, here are some convenient must-have boat accessories that everyone should have onboard. 

Grill Bracket Set 

Having a grill bracket set is a convenient and safe way to elevate your fun out on the water. Enjoy a full day at sea with a portable grill made for your boat to feed your family and friends. Standing grills could be a huge safety hazard and dangerous if they were to leak or drop coals. Enjoy a BBQ grill out on the water with this perfect alternative! 

Davis Queaz-Away Relief Bands 

Talk about convenient boat accessories to have on board. Using the Davis Queaz-Away Relief Bands, you can apply acupressure to your wrists to help fight seasickness. We recommend having a few onboard for guests and emergencies to avoid seasickness.

Suction Cup Boat Trash Bag 

Every boat owner knows that some boats come with a built-in trash can. They can fill up fast, especially out on a charter. By using this cool new boat gadget, that can be a problem of the past. Suction cup boat trash bags are an affordable and convenient option. These suction to hard surfaces and are made with a hinged cover to prevent the trash from flying out and bugs from getting in. 

Must-Have Fun Boat Accessories 

There are so many must-have water toys for yachts and watercraft that help bring more fun to your maritime adventure. Consider these boat must-haves to ensure you and your guests are having the best time this summer.

Yacht Slide Water Toy

Yacht slides are one of the most popular choices of fun boat accessories to include on your vessel. With a wide range of designs, colors, and types to choose from, there is a water slide for every boat owner. They can be custom-fabricated to fit your yacht seamlessly or purchased online. Yacht slides are a playful water toy designed to ensure your guests have an exceptionally fun day at sea. 

Floating Water Mat 

Create a floating island with this must-have boat accessory for the summer. Floating water mats make the perfect swim landing or launchpad for kids and adults to enjoy. The large water mat acts as an extension of your boat and provides a fun and safe way to hang out in the water and play. With safety at the forefront of every adventure, the mats are created in bright colors to ensure visibility from other boaters. 

Water Blaster 

Looking for some friendly competition and rivalry out at sea? A water blaster is the perfect must-have boat accessory for a good time. With a wide range of water blasters to choose from, you can pick something that has speed, power, or distance. Our team strongly believes that every boat owner should have this toy on board. 

Yacht Maintenance Services in South Florida 

At Yacht Management, South Florida, we offer a wide range of yacht maintenance services to ensure your boat or yacht is splash-ready when you are. What use is having the best must-have water accessories if your boat isn't up to par for a fun day out at sea? Putting our clients’ and captains’ needs at the forefront of every vessel we service, we offer premium gel coat refinishing as well as boat hull painting services. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and be sure to ask about our yacht services in the Bahamas

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