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Dry Dock Boat Solutions for Repairing Your Damaged Yacht

May 01, 2024

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Owning a yacht should be stress-free, but in reality, the maintenance and repairs can be very cumbersome. Whether it is a minor scratch to your hull or a major fiberglass issue, every yacht owner will need repairs done on their vessel at some point. For fiberglass yacht repair, yacht gelcoat repair, and other common maintenance projects, dry docking your boat may be the ideal solution. Yacht Management will explore the intricate details of dry dock boat solutions, covering aspects from the repair process to hauling out your vessel. 

What Is Dry Docking a Boat?
Dry docking a boat is the process of removing a vessel from the water. This is generally done for maintenance, repair, or storage solutions. This procedure allows experts to thoroughly inspect the vessel's hull and perform intricate maintenance and repairs such as yacht bottom painting, fiberglass repair, propeller repair, and Propspeed application. 

Both dry docking and hauling out a vessel are very similar, as each refers to removing a boat from the water. At Yacht Management, we offer regular haul-outs with our specialized equipment facility, featuring a travel lift that is capable of hoisting vessels that weigh up to 80 tons and that measure up to 100 feet in length. Our team employs cutting-edge equipment to ensure that your boat receives the essential care and attention it needs to get you back out on the water. 

How Often Do You Need to Dry Dock a Boat?
Yacht owners always seem to have the question of how often they should haul out their vessel onto a dry dock. The frequency of this depends on various factors based on the yacht’s age, frequency of use, and the prevailing condition it is in. Experts recommend that you should haul out your vessel every 1-2 years for a routine inspection and maintenance. However, if your yacht is in need of major repairs, it may need to be hauled out more frequently. 

What Repair and Maintenance Projects Are Expected to Be Carried Out on Dry Dock?
Dry docking your vessel offers a comprehensive option for conducting in-depth repair and maintenance projects. Here are some of the most common services yacht owners can expect when putting their vessel on dry dock:

1. Fiberglass Yacht Repair
Fiberglass is one of the most popular materials that yachts are made out of due to its durability. However, fiberglass can develop cracks, blisters or delamination over time. Dry docking your vessel is your ideal solution to allow experts to identify and address any fiberglass repairs needed. 

2. Yacht Gelcoat Repair
The gelcoat on your vessel is a protective layer that shields your fiberglass hull from water damage or UV exposure. If your gelcoat is worn or damaged, it could compromise the strength of your yacht’s surface, potentially leading to deterioration. Dry docking your vessel as soon as possible to prevent this enables the professionals to restore the smooth finish of your yacht's hull.

3. Boat Prop Repair
A bent or damaged prop can affect the overall performance and maneuverability of your vessel. Addressing a damaged propeller as soon as possible is crucial to ensure that you navigate safely on your next voyage. Hauling out your vessel will allow for a thorough repair of running gears and valves, including boat props, ensuring optimal functionality when you return back into the water. 

4. Bottom Jobs & Bottom Paint
Both bottom jobs and bottom paint jobs are essential maintenance projects for any boat owner. These tasks are necessary for preserving the integrity and performance of your vessel. A bottom job involves hauling out the vessel to inspect, clean, and repair the hull where needed. A bottom paint job can involve applying antifouling paint to deter marine growth from your hull. Regularly receiving these enhancements will extend your vessel’s lifespan.

Boat Upgrades & Enhancements
In addition to yacht repairs and maintenance, dry docking can also be a great opportunity to enhance the cosmetics of your vessel. Whether you’re looking for boat hull painting in Fort Lauderdale or are interested in installing new technology on your vessel, dry docking is the perfect opportunity to do so. Take advantage of your yacht’s downtime and not only fix the necessary damages but also enhance its appeal and value. At Yacht Management, there are a variety of customization options that can transform your vessel into the pinnacle of luxury. 

Fort Lauderdale Boat Repair Near Me
When it comes to boat repair near you, our team at Yacht Management stands out as your premier destination. Our cutting-edge facility and expert team ensure that your vessel consistently receives top-notch care. From haul-outs to thorough yacht repairs, our Fort Lauderdale boatyard is equipped to handle any of your dry dock boat needs. Don’t let maintenance or yacht repair issues hold you back from enjoying your time out on the water. Contact us today and experience the Yacht Management difference.

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