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Gabriel: Our Newest Yacht Manager

Apr 01, 2024

Getting to know the individuals responsible for your superyacht management services is paramount for a seamless and personalized maritime experience with Yacht Management. Building a relationship with yacht maintenance companies establishes clear lines of communication, allowing them to understand your unique preferences, needs, and the intricacies of your vessel. This personal connection fosters trust and ensures that every aspect of your superyacht's operation is meticulously tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. In this article, we will cover Gabriel, our newest yacht manager, and the role he fills within our team of yacht care professionals. There are many members of our team who deserve a spotlight, but when it comes to superyacht management, shining our light on Gabriel is a must. 

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What Is Superyacht Management?
Navigating the intricate seas of superyacht ownership demands a level of expertise only found with professionals experienced in commercial ship management. Our dedicated team at South Florida's premier yacht management service embodies this expertise, seamlessly handling every facet of your vessel's operation. Whether your yacht serves as a private sanctuary or a luxurious charter, our comprehensive management plans are customized to your yacht's unique dynamics by our skilled superyacht manager - Gabriel.

With a wealth of experience, we address day-to-day operational challenges inherent in large yacht operations. Our suite of a la carte services caters to your every need, ensuring that from regulatory compliance to routine maintenance, your experience is elevated to unparalleled heights. Consider us your maritime custodians, committed to delivering excellence and mirroring your passion for the seas. 

A new era in superyacht management has begun with the introduction of our newest team member, Gabriel. Feel confident knowing every detail is not just being managed but also masterfully curated by a seasoned expert and his support group.

An Interview With Our New Superyacht Manager 
YM: Where are you from?

Gabriel: I am originally from Puerto Rico. I moved to Florida 13 years ago and have loved it ever since!

YM: What drew you to working in the yachting & marine industry?

Gabriel: I have always had an interest and passion for the ocean and boating, so much so that I was an active-duty Coast Guardsman for 12 years. During my service, I was a Boatswain’s Mate. These responsibilities included captaining boats for search and rescue operations as well as law enforcement. I was also tasked with performing thorough boat safety inspections on recreational vessels.

YM: Would you say your service benefits your new role? If so, how?

Gabriel: My role as a yacht manager has many responsibilities, and my previous experience definitely helps. I have a great understanding of the regulatory side of the business, know what goes into vessel safety inspections done by the Coast Guard, and I understand everything that will be required for vessels when they are arriving or departing from international voyages.

YM: What is your previous marine industry experience?

Gabriel: Besides the Coast Guard, I have been in the marine industry for roughly three years. During this time, I have mostly been involved in working for yacht management companies regulatory, safety, and security aspects.  

YM: How did you end up joining our team at Yacht Management, and what motivated your decision?

Gabriel: I saw an ad online for the position and have wanted to handle a wider range of hands-on management. This was an amazing opportunity, and I am extremely excited about what is to come.

YM: What qualifications do you possess, and how are they relevant to your current position?

Gabriel: I am a DPA (Designated Person Ashore) and a CSO (Company Security Officer). These are important as they reinforce my ability to be in contact with yachts to keep their safety and security infrastructure up to the standards of their flag state.

YM: How would you describe your role as a superyacht manager?

Gabriel: Currently, I am the yacht manager for four superyachts, two of which are charters, and the other two are for personal use. My role is really an all-encompassing one. I am the one point of contact for these yachts. This means I am in constant communication with the yacht's crew, stay on top of payroll and purchasing logistics, and really help the owners and crew prepare for anything they need for their next voyage.

YM: What’s the best part about working at Yacht Management?

Gabriel: Everyone here is extremely welcoming! The people around me are never in any real conflict, and they create a really peaceful and welcoming office. They have been so great to me since I started.

YM: What has been the most memorable project you’ve been part of so far?

Gabriel: I haven’t been here very long, but I have already been involved in setting up a new Superyacht that is going to become a charter vessel. This involved hiring a new crew, starting a charter program, and making sure everything was up to standards.

YM: What is your perspective on the future of the superyacht industry?

Gabriel: I think we will see the industry continue to grow exponentially. Every aspect of the industry will see a lot of growth, specifically in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re a part of the crew, own a superyacht, or are a yacht manager like me, you have plenty to look forward to.

Reach Out to Our Efficient Yacht Management Providers 
Are you in search of an exceptional leader in superyacht management to oversee the well-being of your vessel? Look no further than Yacht Management and our latest hire, Gabriel, the superyacht manager. Our dedicated Fort Lauderdale yacht service team is prepared for seamless collaboration, providing unparalleled expertise in the industry.

Delve into our insightful yachting blog articles on effective superyacht management, tailored for both novice and seasoned enthusiasts. Reach out to us effortlessly through our user-friendly online form or a direct phone call to experience the utmost care for your yacht.

We eagerly anticipate becoming a valuable addition to your maritime team, ensuring your superyacht is primed for its next remarkable journey.

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