Feb 14, 2017

Boat Haul Outs - 80-Ton Marine Travelift - Yachts Up To 100 Feet

Though not all yacht maintenance or repairs require boat haul outs, some do. That is why it is better to work with a yacht management company that can handle both dockside maintenance and boat haul outs. The Yacht Management boatyard service center is equipped to handle haul outs for large yachts.

When asking about boat haul outs, especially haul outs for large yachts, most yacht owners and assistants have the following four questions.

How is it done?

Slowly, carefully, and deliberately; that is how all boat haul outs are conducted at our boatyard service center. Our 80-ton marine travelift can haul out boats up to 100 feet in length. Then mechanics can get to work on repairs and maintenance.

How often should a boat be hauled out?

Ideally, boat haul outs should be scheduled and performed once a year. Boat haul outs are a necessary aspect of owing a yacht. The longer the duration between each boat haul out, the more likely that rot, corrosion, or other preventable issues will be present.

Boat haul outs are necessary to perform the following boatyard services:

  • Boat bottom painting
  • Boat bottom inspections
  • Boat bottom repairs (keels, fiberglass, aluminum and wood repairs)

How much are boat haul outs?

It is important to remember that a boat haul out service is merely the first step in a yacht maintenance, restoration, or refit process. There are too many factors at play to guarantee a price for boat haul outs. Each service will increase the overall cost of a boat haul out.

Yacht Management is one of the most competitively priced boatyard service centers in South Florida. Don’t believe us? Call and ask about our haul out services today.

How to find the best boat haul out services?

Yacht Management has always done best with word-of-mouth services. Yacht owners who find us have had friends or family recommend our yacht service center, boatyard, and marina. We have always relied on our great services as our best form of advertising.

You can search and you can ask around, or you could call us now and work with the best immediately: (954) 941-6447.

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