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Boat Shipping, Transport, and Deliverables

Plenty of yacht owners face the situation of buying a vessel or having one custom built by a world-class builder, then having to transport it to another location. Oftentimes, a yacht will be built or first purchased in one country and then establish its base of operations in another country. Additionally, there are seasonal yacht migrations to account for. In cases like these, owners will have to invest in boat transport services. Depending on the distance of the relocation or the type of vessel, there are a few options owners can choose from.

At Yacht Management South Florida, Inc., our team of expert yacht managers can carefully plan out all the logistics and reservations involved with transporting your yacht or boat to its chosen destination. Our Fort Lauderdale yacht management company has handled relocations from shorter distance yacht deliveries to transatlantic boat transports. Regardless of how far you need your yacht, sailboat, or tender transported, we can ensure a smooth and safe delivery.

Planned and Managed Yacht Delivery Trips

Yacht delivery trips can be the best option for shorter distance relocation or sailboats and explorer yachts designed for long distance travel. In these cases, your vessel will not have to be hauled into a boat transport carrier. Instead, your yacht will travel with its own crew and fuel supply to its designated port. From our Fort Lauderdale marina and full-service boatyard, we can handle all the logistical elements needed to make a successful delivery.

If your newly purchased or built yacht does not yet have a crew, our yacht managers can deliver fast and convenient crew placement. We will find and suggest temporary or full-time crew members that are licensed and qualified to execute a yacht delivery trip. Lead by an experienced yacht delivery captain vetted by our team, your motor yacht or sailboat will be safely navigated to its new location right on schedule.

Scheduling Boat Transport Services

For longer distance relocations or for vessels not equipped to handle long distance excursions, boat transport and shipping is often the best option. At Yacht Management South Florida, Inc., our team is well connected with the world’s most trusted and best rated boat shipping companies. Should you need boat transport services to relocate your motor yacht or sailboat to a new port, our yacht managers can make all the necessary arrangements. Your vessel will be safely delivered and you can start enjoying your yacht as soon as possible.

Additional Boat Shipping Services & Deliverables

In addition to motor yachts and sailboats, you may want to transport other smaller ships that make up your fleet. Does your luxury yacht come with one or more yacht tenders? How about an extra fishing boat you own for the best yachting experiences? Our yacht management team can schedule delivery trips, boat transport services, or even land-based transportation to ensure your entire fleet successfully migrates to its new destination without any delays.

To learn more about our extensive selection of yacht management and maintenance services, feel free to contact us or call (954) 941-6447 today. One of experienced team members will walk you through our custom management packages and monthly yacht maintenance plans. With Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. on your side, yacht ownership is easy!

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