Bottom Painting Using Top Quality Brands

Boat bottom painting is an essential element of an effective yacht maintenance routine. At Yacht Management South Florida, our experienced yacht maintenance technicians have provided both yacht hull painting services to vessels of varying sizes. Should your vessel need a fresh coat of bottom paint, we have multiple slips available at our Fort Lauderdale marina and the 80-ton Marine Travelift® at our boatyard service center can perform haul outs of boats up to 100 feet. You can count on Yacht Management to provide quality paint jobs and competitive boat bottom painting prices.

Boat Bottom Painting is Necessary

You may be asking why regularly painting the bottom of your boat is an integral part of yacht maintenance. The answer is that it ensures the high performance of your boat, prevents damage, and maintains the integrity of your hull. Boat bottom painting achieves all this because its key purpose is to prevent the fouling damage that comes with the growth of organisms that attach to the underwater surfaces of your vessel including fiberglass and metal.

Barnacles, algae, seaweed, and other underwater organisms accumulate on the hulls of boats in a relatively short amount of time. If left unaddressed for a long period of time, this increasing layer of marine growth will create drag on your yacht’s surface leading to lower performance, decreased speeds, higher fuel costs, and even damage to props and other working parts beneath the water’s surface.

Proper boat bottom cleaning will get rid of these pesky marine organisms. However, the sanding and stripping that come part and parcel with hull cleaning services thin bottom paint. Over time, your hull’s integrity will be compromised if your freshly cleaned hull is not also then properly painted with a new coat.

At Yacht Management, our yacht maintenance professionals offer yacht bottom painting along with both underwater and out of the water boat bottom cleaning services at our South Florida marina and boatyard. Should your vessel’s hull be in need of a good scrub and paint job, don’t hesitate to schedule a yard period with us.

How Frequently Should You Bottom Paint a Boat?

Patches of missing paint or blisters starting to appear on your boat’s hull? Is the grey primer starting to show or does marine growth accumulate faster than usual? If you start noticing any of these things, it may be time to schedule a boat bottom painting session with our team of certified yacht technicians.

While how often you bottom paint your boat is up to you in the end, we recommend scheduling a yacht hull painting at least once every two or three years. A 2 to 3 year haul out schedule will require 2 to 3 coats of bottom paint, so your vessel’s hull will stay protected during those years in the water. However, if you schedule a yacht bottom painting annually, only one coat of paint is needed.



The Boat Bottom Painting Process

  • Determine the waterline if previously unpainted
  • Dewax, if previously unpainted
  • Boat Bottom Cleaning
  • Strip - if needed
  • Inspect
  • Repair
  • Sand
  • Spray the hull down with water to remove any remaining bottom paint dust
  • Apply Barrier Coating (Primer)
  • Apply Boat Bottom Paint

Choosing the Best Boat Bottom Paint

Our yacht maintenance professionals only use the best boat bottom paints for boats that come to our Fort Lauderdale marina and full-service boatyard. When it comes to choosing a paint for yacht hull painting, powerful antifouling capabilities are what you should look for. Antifouling bottom paint contains biocides that prevent fouling, or the accumulation of marine organisms that happens on hulls exposed to water.

There are two types of antifouling bottom paint to choose from: hard paint and ablative paint. The choice between these two paints will depend on how long you anticipate your yacht to be in the water. Out yacht maintenance experts will gladly make recommendations that best suit your boat, yard period routine, and cruising schedule.

Yacht Bottom Painting at Yacht Management South Florida

Our Fort Lauderdale marina and boatyard, located on New River, has an 80-Ton Travelift® to haul out boats up to around 100 ft. We use top quality products including the best boat bottom paints available on the market. Our divers, mechanics, painters and electricians are all certified, and we are licensed and insured for your protection.

In addition to a boat bottom painting, we offer a full roster of yacht maintenance and management services that we offer in and out of our yard. Learn more about our facility, services, and custom yacht maintenance plans by contacting us or calling today at (954) 941-6447.