Bow and Stern Thruster Service

Yacht Management provides first class yacht thruster repairs, and bow and stern thruster services at our authorized yacht service center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our team of experienced yacht technicians can service, repair, or install bow and stern thrusters in no time at all.

Replace bow and stern thrusters as soon as possible, because moving without them can be difficult.

Bow and stern thrusters are the means to which a yacht can maneuver carefully through tight spots in marinas and water ways. Larger yachts undoubtedly benefit from the increased mobility, but size has nothing to do with it. Even smaller vessels benefit from bow and stern thrusters that provide an easy means to navigate waterways.

Once your thrusters begin to fail, moving them carefully will be difficult and eventually impossible. Once the signs of wear and tear become apparent, come in for yacht thruster repairs as soon as you can.


Look for signs that it’s time to service bow and stern thrusters.

The first indication that it’s time for a bow and stern thruster service is the initial drop in performance. The difference will be immediate.

What may feel like “dull turning” is the first sign. Pay attention. Does your yacht suddenly feel more “sluggish” when moving through a marina?

The second major sign is a slow response time. Captains will feel a marked difference over time. As the power of the thrusters wane, it will take longer to feel any movement after engaging thrusters.

Bring your yacht to Yacht Management for a bow and stern thruster service to determine the cause of the problem.

Most bow and stern thrusters are positioned in difficult to reach areas on a yacht. Seaweed and debris are easily caught in the tunnels, and sometimes all your vessel requires is a quick tune up or cleaning. if yacht thruster repairs are required, then ensure your vessel is in the best possible hands and only look for authorized yacht technicians to provide yacht thruster repairs.

After a bow and stern thruster inspection, you should receive a few options from your yacht technicians. Be sure to inquire about what may have caused the thrusters to fail.

Professionally installed bow and stern thrusters.

There is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to servicing bow and stern thrusters. All yacht thruster replacements must be custom to be truly worthwhile.

Yacht Management is an authorized bow and stern thruster service center. We work with hydraulic and electric thrusters. Hydraulic thrusters are usually installed on larger yachts and they require maintenance because they are used heavily.

Yacht Management technicians have the tools and experience to ensure the best possible bow and stern thruster service.  We can install bow and stern thrusters on fiberglass, steel, and aluminum hulls.

Yacht Management technicians work with high quality brands, and our refit and service professionals can provide installation of aftermarket yacht products on your vessel where appropriate and available.