CSC Painting

Antifouling paint is one of the key ingredients in the recipe of all high-quality boat haul-outs. That’s how we see it at Yacht Management. There’s little reason to go through all the trouble of a boat haul-out and bottom paint job, if the antifouling paint is not good enough to fully protect your hull. CSC painting is a trusted brand name, and Yacht Management mechanics work primarily with top name brands, ensuring that your vessel is getting the highest quality paint and repairs as possible.  

What Makes CSC So Good

All antifouling paint is going to wear off, that’s just the nature of the sea. But unlike other antifouling paints, CSC wears off evenly. It’s called self-polishing; where the paint corrodes in a natural and smooth way, ensuring that your boat doesn’t get that sea beaten look in-between haul-outs.

There are more than just aesthetic benefits to uniform wear. As the coat of paint self polishes it keeps a consistent layer of paint along the hull of the vessel, preventing build up and concentration in certain areas. This means that future CSC painting will be quicker and easier. There’s no need to removed concentrated spots. That also reduces the need for sandblasting and soda blasting before new CSC painting.

Your coat of antifouling paint will remain on your vessel regardless of how many boat haul-outs and launches you have throughout the year.

Most antifouling and boat bottom paints make use of copper to protect the hull from wear and tear. CSC paint uses far less copper, and instead makes more efficient use of the copper in the formula, m

CSC Painting Before and After

The technicians at Yacht Management are more than just boat painters! We take pride in our boat haul outs and bottom paint jobs in Fort Lauderdale. Our team of technicians follow carefully planned steps to ensure that each yacht painting job is done with the utmost care.

It starts with a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished. Bottom hulls are checked for previous paint work and assessed based on the materials the surface of the hull is made out of. Wood, fiberglass, and steel are all assessed before CSC painting begins.

Yacht Management technicians get to work preparing the hull for CSC painting. Sandblasting and sodablasting previously painted areas and cleaning the bottom of the boat.

Hull paint is mixed and prepared for application. Boat haul out area is prepared for painting and technicians ensure that the area is up to code, and all relevant environment laws are being followed precisely.

Multiple coats are applied the bottom hull of the vessel, as needed.

Protection for Multiple Seasons

The South Florida marina waters and climate are much different from those in Europe, and each CSC painting should be tailored to the environment that the vessel is stored in.

CSC boat paint can withstand multiple seasons and climate quite well. And the self-polishing wear and tear allows boat owners to identify when it’s time for a haul out and repaint.

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