Comprehensive Planning, Organizing & Management of Substantial Refit Projects

Yacht refits and restorations are comparable to remodeling a home. They can be complicated, and each has its own unique challenges. It is best then to find a South Florida marina that can handle whatever challenges arise.  

Planning a yacht restoration takes experience, and completing a yacht refit takes skill. Both are in no short supply at Yacht Management. 

The Yacht Management staff is certified to work on all brand name engines and electrical systems. We typically work with yachts between 60 and 100 feet; however, some of our yacht refit and restoration projects have been on vessels as large as 120 feet. We have planned, organized, and managed substantial refit projects for years. Like the salt of the sea, it’s in our DNA.  

We assign a dedicated project manager to oversee each yacht refit personally, to ensure that the project is completed with the goal of delivering the highest quality restoration and refit services in mind. Depending on the level of work needed, some yacht refit projects may take weeks or months to fully plan and execute, which is why it is important to start early. 

Our engineers are certified to provide and plan these yacht refits and restoration services: 

  • Yacht engine replacements and restorations 
  • Custom deck refurbishments and replacements 
  • Creating and installing custom amenities, like hot tubs and bars 
  • Yacht engine room renovations, painting, and restorations 
  • Yacht refits and restorations on mechanical and electrical systems 
  • Yacht finishing and modernization 
  • Modifying existing amenities and creating custom solutions to meet expectations and needs 

Each yacht refit is thoroughly planned and executed correctly.

Working on large scale yacht refits and restorations is not like working on smaller vessels. A Yacht Management staff member is assigned to your project and all details regarding the planning and management of the yacht refit meticulously covered.  

A yacht refit cannot work without the keen eye and sensibility of an interior designer with experience working on large yachts. Along with our engineers, Yacht Management finds specialty contractors and interior designers to ensure that the aesthetics of your vessel meets your expectations.  

Each yacht refit must be planned thoroughly and executed correctly. No matter how complicated or substantial the yacht refit may be, we take the time needed to discuss your options and assign the appropriate members of our staff to handle the project. 

We work with yacht owners to upgrade their vessels and to restore recently purchased, used yachts. The recommended time between yacht refits and restorations is roughly five years for standard restorations. Custom work is done at the discretion of the owner in a time that best suits them. 

Yacht Management started as a small operation and has expanded to a large South Florida marina, serving clients from all over the world. To see our featured refits, visit our yacht refit and restorations services page. Allow our experienced engineers and designers to upgrade your yacht. Call us today at (954) 941-6447.