Cutlass Bearing Replacement

If you’ve never heard of it, then the cutlass bearing is the silent hero of your propeller shaft. The cutlass bearing is one of the most important parts of your yacht; toiling away below deck to ensure that your ride is smooth and hassle-free. Cutlass bearing replacement is therefore, just as important.

What is a Cutlass Bearing?

The cutlass bearing supports the shaft attached to the transmission and prop. It improves water flow and removes dirt that would otherwise accumulate on the shaft.

The cutlass bearing is made of an incredibly durable rubber that faces the shaft, and a strong brass encasing. Cutlass bearing replacement is a yacht maintenance procedure that must be carried out from time to time.

Signs it’s Time for a Cutlass Bearing Replacement

  1. First, it will seem as if your ride is vibrating too much. It will be annoying at most, and it may even be misdiagnosed as an issue with the propeller.
  2. There will be lots of shaking and what will feel like a knocking or too much play in the prop shaft, because the rubber has worn out and the bearing is knocking against the shaft.
  3. Eventually, a fully worn cutlass bearing will damage the shaft of your yacht.

It’s best to ask a yacht engineer to look at your cutlass bearing during your next haul out. There are no set rules regarding cutlass bearing replacement. There are no hour rules or miles rules. Some cutlass bearings last longer than others and some get more miles. Only an inspection at a South Florida boatyard can determine the need to replace a cutlass bearing.

Why Choose Yacht Management

Cutlass bearing replacement is challenging, especially on large or super yachts. Yacht Management has the experienced yacht engineers and the proper haul out equipment at our Fort Lauderdale boatyard to ensure that the job is done right.

Schedule a haul out at our Fort Lauderdale boatyard and allow our yacht engineers to inspect your vessel. If the cutlass bearing needs to be replaced or if any other issues arise during inspection, we will work with you to determine a plan for replacement.

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