Decks and Keel Repairs

Yacht decks and keels are on opposite sides of the yacht; for the most part they are separate and destined to perform very different functions. However, both are the core structures of the yacht; the deck is the roof and the keel is the backbone, which is why boat deck repairs and keel repairs should be taken so seriously.

Deck and Keel Damage

Because they live very different lives, decks and keels are also prone to different damage, which means that deck repairs and keel repairs are very different.

The common ways in which decks and keels are damaged:


  • Faulty design (including deck drainage, ports and windows)
  • Improper refits (incorrect hole drilling, equipment installation and removal)
  • Improper seacock and thru-hull maintenance
  • Weather corrosion (sitting water, sun damage and storm debris)


  • Groundings
  • Mishaps in docking and loading yachts
  • Irregular inspections and improper keel maintenance
  • Water corrosion (salt, sun and barnacles)

Each vessel comes with unique challenges based on the damage and the materials used to construct the deck and keel

Haul Outs

Though most yacht deck repairs can be performed while the yacht is still in the water, keel repairs require a boat haul out.

Yacht Deck Repairs

Good deck repairs start with an inspection; great deck repairs start with an inspection, a plan, and a thorough cleaning. Know the difference.

Fiberglass deck repairs – though fiberglass can be a tricky material to work with, the benefits are a longer lasting repair.

Wood deck repairs – wood decks are stunning, but although wood decks are easier to repair and restore, they will likely need repair more and often, simply because wood is more susceptible to damage.

Keel Repairs

Nothing sends a shiver down the spine of a captain quicker than an accidental grounding. It happens to even the best captains, and most at one point or another will damage the keel due to grounding.  

Keel repairs require a yacht haul out, and some repairs can take up to two weeks depending on the extent of the damage.

You should always hire an experienced yacht technician or find a local boatyard that offers deck and keel repairs.

Why Use Professionals

You should always hire an experienced yacht technician or find a local boatyard that offers deck and keel repairs. Though some deck repairs and keel repairs can be done by boat owners, nothing beats the experience of a marine technician in South Florida that is adept to the issue and can quickly, expertly repair it.

Inspections and Early Symptoms

Here are 4 signs that your yacht deck needs maintenance or repair:

  1. Dry rot
  2. Broken/lifting boards
  3. Loose screws and bolts
  4. Stains and blisters

These are the 4 things you should check immediately after grounding your yacht:

  1. Keel
  2. Keel studs
  3. Mast
  4. Rudder

Give each a once over inspection and pay attention for small cracks. If any are found, consider hauling out your yacht for repairs.

For everything else you can call, email, or visit Yacht Management and we’ll get you back out on the water in no time.

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Don’t avoid inspections and haul outs that could identify problems and save you time and money on deck repairs and keel repairs. Call Yacht Management today.