Dedicated Project Manager

Major yacht refits and yacht maintenance plans for large vessels and super yachts can get complicated, to say the least. Yacht Management decided that the only way to ensure that each project is completed on time, to spec and as close to budget as possible is to provide a dedicated project manager.

Our dedicated project managers wear many hats because they have to. Each project demands a certain set of skills, the most important skill being the creation of a team that is perfectly suited for the task at hand. Yacht refits and yacht maintenance plans are always a lot easier at Yacht Management.

Project Manager Services

To ensure that we provide the best service and the most custom refit services and yacht maintenance, Yacht Management assigns a dedicated project manager to every yacht refit project. We have found that the only way to ensure that your yacht has the very best services is to keep an eye on the overall management of the project.

No matter the reason you need it, there is always something.


No matter the reason you need it, there is always something.

Benefits of a Dedicated Project Manager on Your Yacht Refit

The project manager is the point of contact between the yacht maintenance refit team and the owner, by establishing communication, creating goals, and ensuring that each milestone is met on time. 

Dedicated project managers will create the team with the required skills needed to complete the yacht refit or maintenance. Progress will be monitored, and all communications will be sent back to the yacht owner. 

The benefits of your own personal project manager include:

  • Yacht maintenance planning and organizing.
  • World class service.
  • Detailed surveying and project summary
  • All maintenance costs calculated
  • Complete yacht maintenance log

We work with owners who have busy schedules and demanding lifestyles to ensure that everything they need is always available and that the project is finished on time!

Complete Yacht Maintenance Log

A thorough yacht maintenance log is an essential part of overall yacht management. Maintenance logs are usually maintained and managed by a yacht management team. Owners of large yachts with crews often benefit from yacht management services tremendously.

Yacht maintenance logs come in handy often.

When selling a yacht:

  • Use the maintenance log to prove that your vessel underwent regular and schedule maintenance while you owned it.
  • Proof that your yacht was regularly maintained allows give you the bargaining power.

For insurance purposes:

  • Tracking all maintenance and yacht refits come in handy when discussing damage claims with an insurance company.
  • Yacht Management’s dedicated project manager will work with you and with the marine surveyor to create a detailed and thorough report using the maintenance log.

For peace of mind:

  • Keeping up with regular maintenance is the only way to ensure your vessel remains in tip top condition. A maintenance log will keep you and the maintenance crew accountable.
  • Work with your own project manager to decide what yacht maintenance you need.