Dockside Mobile Marine Service

It is hard to argue or dislike service that comes to you, especially when those services prioritize your yacht maintenance and repair. Yacht Management’s dockside marine service brings all the experience and a lot of the tools of our boatyard service center to you.

Yacht Management technicians don’t just work at our boatyard service center, they have flown around the world and taken their skills to the yachts that need the most TLC.

Yacht Management’s dockside mobile marine service offers the same level of service as we provide at our South Florida boatyard. You can expect all these services and more:

  • Full yacht inspections
  • Yacht detailing including yacht hull and deck cleaning
  • Gelcoat repair and refurbishing
  • Yacht maintenance and repair
  • Underwater light repair and replacement
  • Zinc repair and replacement

We understand that your yacht needs the most TLC.

There are two reasons owners choose dockside marine services:


Rather than sailing your yacht to our boatyard service marina, we can come to you. This is a popular option for absentee owners who spend a large part of the year away from their vessels.

Simplicity is the soul of efficiency. Sometimes the best reason to utilize a service is because it will simplify your life. Yacht maintenance and repairs are necessary. Make it as easy as possible for you to maintain your vessel.



Sometimes the yacht’s overall health and function require it to be left where it is. If yacht repairs are required to get the vessel moving, then have Yacht Management send our mobile marine technicians to you.

Our technicians can do quite a lot with a little bit of time and effort. Dockside marine service can get your yacht cruising again.

Allow us to bring the Yacht Management boatyard services to you. Call and ask one of our yacht technicians about our marine dockside services now.