Fine Sanding and Buffing

Yachts are a symbol of status. Nothing beats the elegance and majesty of a yacht shining as it sails through waterways and into the open seas. Yacht sanding and yacht buffing services are a necessary part of maintaining that status, and your vessel.

Maintaining yacht shine is a tough job but one that’s worth it. If you want your yacht to maintain its elegant shimmer and shiny coat, Yacht Management technicians can do the work for you.

Don’t forget, yacht sanding and buffing is an extension of thorough yacht cleaning and prep work as well as yacht detailing!

Yacht Management Tools

Yacht Management uses high quality tools and the highest rated brands. Quality is always our main priority.

Sand blasting and soda blasting services require the best tools and brands to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Dockside – dockside yacht buffing and full-service yacht detailing are available to our clients. We bring the shine to you!

Boatyard – Yacht Management’s Fort Lauderdale marina provides haul outs of yachts up to 80 tons; perfect for extensive repair and maintenance on larger vessels.

Time frames for Yacht sanding and buffing vary based on the size of the vessel and the condition of the fiberglass, gelcoat and teak. Yacht Management technicians are sensitive to the time constraints of our clients and aim to provide the best quality work at reasonable time frames.

If you are searching for yacht detailing for an employer’s vessel, we will work with you to ensure your timetables are met.

Our Goal is Ultimate Shine

A quick visit the Yacht Management Facebook account or Instagram account will reveal our obsession with beautiful yachts -and who can blame us? The size and shine of a yacht are the first things that onlookers notice. A beautifully maintained, well-lit yacht with a shiny gelcoat always looks incredible.

It doesn’t matter if your vessel is old and weathered or just back from an adventure, our team of yacht detailers will bring out that shine again. We will bring your yacht back to pristine condition!

Our team works with captains and assistants to ensure that yacht sanding and yacht buffing ensure that your vessel looks prestigious and well maintained compared to any other yacht in the marina.

What Causes Yachts to Lose Their Shine?

Weathering is the fastest way to lose that shimmering shine on the gel coat. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done to avoid weathering, but there are ways to slow the process.

Yacht Management dockside service programs come in a wide array of options that are tailored to each captain’s schedule and lifestyle. Monthly yacht buffing and detailing will ensure that your vessel preserves its immaculate look.

Absentee Ownership Plans are prefect for captains who travel but like to know that their vessel is maintained and splash ready when they return.

Though loss of shine is unavoidable, maintaining a shine is simple when you hire the right team. Click on the yacht management contact information below and let’s get started!