Gelcoat Repairs and Refinishing

All yacht owners make a commitment when they purchase their vessels; a commitment to spend their most valuable resource on their yachts: time.

Proper yacht maintenance takes time.

It takes time to even enjoy your vessel. We see the affinity owners have for their vessels when they leave them at our Fort Lauderdale marina and boatyard service center. What makes owning a yacht so incredible is all the care and work that goes into it.

One of the key characteristics of a well-cared for yacht is a hull that shines. There’s nothing quite like the shine of a new yacht. Fortunately, if your vessel has a gelcoat hull, its shine can be easily restored through gelcoat refinishing. While gelcoat is designed to withstand harsh ocean conditions for long periods, cracks and fading can occur over time. That’s where the professional gelcoat refinishing and gel coat repair services offered by our yacht maintenance specialists at Yacht Management come in.

The Causes of Cracks and Faded Gelcoat on Your Vessel

Gelcoat refinishing and repairs typically become necessary once your vessel’s hull starts to fade or crack. There are multiple causes for fading and cracks in gelcoats on a yacht’s fiberglass hull. It is usually one of the following things:

  • Sun Exposure
  • Oxidization
  • Impacts from heavy objects
  • Repeated stress
  • Warping from the sunlight over time

 No yacht is immune to gelcoat cracks and fading. You cannot stop this entirely, but you can get the best gelcoat refinishing and gelcoat repair work at our Fort Lauderdale marina and boatyard service center. 

Let the Pros Handle It

Repairing yacht wear and tear is a necessary aspect of owing a yacht. Fixing damage and restoring oxidized gelcoat are common services required to maintain your yacht’s hull. Depending on the location and severity of the gelcoat breakdown, the expert yacht maintenance technicians at our boatyard service center can make quick work of any gelcoat refinishing and repairs your vessel needs.

How We Conduct Our Gelcoat Refinishing & Gelcoat Repairs:

  • Inspecting areas to determine if the damage is superficial or a sign of severe issues
  • Cleaning affected area and preparing it for repair
  • Using top quality brands

At Yacht Management, our boatyard service center has all the tools to do it right the first time!

Surface Damage Could Mean More

Yacht Management’s gelcoat refinishing and repairs are not just cosmetic, but functional as well. We ensure that yacht owners who request our boatyard services know about our haul outs and inspections. Sometimes superficial damage can be a symptom of the real problem.

Rest easy knowing that should cracks starts to appear on your gelcoat or should your yacht’s hull start to fade, our excellent gelcoat refinishing and repair services will efficiently address those issues and restore the shine. Contact us or call our yacht maintenance professionals at Yacht Management for more information: (954) 941-6447.

The Yacht Management boatyard service center has all the tools to do it right the first time!