Hardware and Teak Removal, And Careful Masking Where Necessary

Yacht Management is a world class yacht servicing marina and boatyard located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We provide yacht topside painting as well as hardware and teak removal services. Our yacht technicians are adept at carefully maintaining all aspects of the yacht throughout the yacht topside painting process.

Yacht Topside Painting

No boat painting project is ever rushed, and Yacht Management uses only the best yacht painting products and brands every time. Yacht Management’s experienced yacht painters treat each vessel as if it were their own.

We provide yacht deck inspection services to confirm that the condition of the deck is safe and aesthetically pleasing. Yacht Management technicians may recommend deck removal or yacht topside painting depending on the condition of the teak deck.

Hardware and Teak Removal

All decks have their moment in the sun after years out at sea, some decks need a little TLC, topside painting and a few decks repairs which usually don’t take long at all. Some older decks that have seen many years at sea may need retirement. Hardware and teak removal is a part of that process.

Yacht Management’s Fort Lauderdale marina stocks state of the art yacht maintenance tools and products for use on every yacht topside painting we undertake.

For all hardware and teak removal processes, our yacht technicians combine years of experience with the right tools to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Removing teak

Teak adhesive removal is a tricky business. Yacht Management works with the finest brands and high-quality tools to ensure that teak adhesive is removed correctly, with no damage done to the vessel.

Painting fiberglass

Yacht Management uses only the best paint for fiberglass. We stay up to date with the best possible brands.  

Restoring teak decks is process that should be followed by professionals only. The structure and atheistic look may be compromised if not handled correctly.

Restoring Teak Versus Replacing Teak with Fiberglass

The preference between teak decks and fiberglass decks is solely that of the captain of the ship. Though every vessel that comes into our South Florida marina will be inspected and a recommendation will be made, the choice is ultimately the captain’s.  

Restoring teak decks is process that should be followed by professionals only. The structure and atheistic look may be compromised if not handled correctly.

Removing a teak deck and replacing it with fiberglass is a labor-intensive undertaking, and something that may take some time. All hardware and teak removal is fully explained to ship captains and each undertaking is unique. Please reach out to a Yacht Management technician for more information.

DIY Versus Professional Yacht Painting

As much as we understand the connection between a captain and his ship, we always recommend hiring a professional to work on your yacht. Whether it’s a quick yacht topside painting, or a full-fledged keel and deck repair; professionals are always the way to go!

We understand that part of that connection is the desire that a lot of captains must work on their own vessels to perform manual repairs from time to time. Though there is nothing quite like working on your own boat and repairing it, we recommend bringing in your boat for a yacht topside paint job.

That will give our inspectors a chance to ensure your vessel is still swimming strong.