Personal Watercraft Maintenance and Repair

Personal Watercraft & Jet Ski Maintenance and Repair

Personal watercrafts (PWC), particularly jet skis, have become a quintessential part of a complete yachting experience. These water toys and popular power sport vehicles can get the adrenaline running and keep a whole family entertained while on a cruise. When it comes to zooming through the waves on a "personal" sized watercraft, nothing beats riding a jet ski.

That is just one of the reasons why many yacht owners choose to equip their vessels with at least a couple of personal watercrafts. And just like accompanying yacht tenders and other secondary vessels, personal watercraft maintenance and repair should be included in your regular yacht maintenance schedule for optimal performance and safety. Our certified yacht technicians offer comprehensive PWC and jet ski maintenance and repair services at our Fort Lauderdale marina and boatyard.

What is Considered a Personal Watercraft?

Historically, the term "personal watercraft" referred to a small single-passenger, stand-up recreational vessel. According to the United States Coast Guard, a personal watercraft is a vessel, under 16 feet in length, propelled by an inboard engine and pump-jet. Throughout the years, especially within the last decade, the personal watercraft market has not only grown exponentially, but it has also broadened.

Single-passenger jet skis, also known as wave runners or water scooters, remain the personal watercraft of choice for the majority of yacht owners. However, the umbrella term now encompasses multi-passenger jet skis, wetbikes, flyboards, underwater jet skis, and other kinds of jet-drive recreational watercraft. There seems to be a new model of personal watercraft being released every season. While keeping up with the latest marine technology is fun, proper personal watercraft maintenance and repair work ensures your water toys last longer and perform at their best.

Personal Watercraft & Jet Ski Maintenance Checklist

At Yacht Management South Florida, we provide luxury yacht concierge services as well as services for yacht brokers from our ideally-located Fort Lauderdale facility. However, our experienced team specializes in yacht management and maintenance services which includes personal watercraft maintenance and personal watercraft repair work. When it comes to PWC and jet skis, our yacht technicians will go through a comprehensive jet ski maintenance checklist encompassing the following:

  • Inspection
  • Tuning
  • Repair
  • Maintenance

Consistent maintenance of your PWC ensures the vessel maintains optimum performance and sticks to top safety standards. Our certified yacht technicians are experts at maintaining and repairing a personal watercraft's 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine, electrical wiring, pump area, flush and exhaust system, fiberglass body, and exteriors.

Jet ski maintenance after saltwater is particularly important to prevent corrosion. After some time, you may need to schedule a complete cleaning or painting job. Fortunately, we offer first-rate boat bottom painting, gelcoat refinishing, and boat hull painting in South Florida at our full-service boatyard.

Personal Watercrafts Keep Yachting Fun!

As a premier superyacht management company, our team at Yacht Management South Florida provides an extensive selection of management, maintenance, yacht restoration, and plenty of other specialty services. We aim to make yacht ownership easy for you!

If you want to learn more about our services, including the maintenance and repair work we do on personal watercrafts, just give us a call at (954) 941-6447 or contact us today. With our expert team of yacht technicians and managers on your side, your yacht and its accompanying personal watercrafts will be splash ready in no time!