Propeller Reconditioning and Repair

Propeller damage is common and ultimately unavoidable. The sea is a harsh mistress and she will wreak havoc on your yacht in more ways than one. No need to worry though. Yacht Management has all the propeller recondition and propeller repair information that every captain, first mate, or assistant should know. And, when it’s time, we are the best South Florida boatyard for all your propeller reconditioning and repair needs.

Not All Damage Is Devastating

Propeller damage is caused by sailing over sandbars, logs and rocks, as well as improper docking and yacht haul outs. Although some prop damage may be completely avoidable, some may go unseen until you pull the boat out of the water.  

Once you have determined that your prop is damaged, you have 4 choices:

  1. Ride it Out – Don’t do anything, you keep on sailing and hope for the best.
  2. Propeller Reconditioning – bring your yacht to a reputable South Florida boatyard and have a yacht engineer fix the superficial damage and evaluate the yacht propeller.
  3. Propeller Repair – Have a yacht engineer complete the repairs and restore the prop.
  4. Replace – Not all props can be brought back to life and should be replaced.

If you are not sure what to look for, bring your vessel to Yacht Management, a Fort Lauderdale boatyard that can complete your yacht haul out and evaluate your propeller.

Propeller reconditioning and propeller repair are necessary for the health of the vessel.

Signs of Trouble

If you are experiencing any of these yacht symptoms, it’s time for propeller reconditioning or propeller repair.

  • Is the boat shaking or rattling?
  • Are the rpms are too high?
  • Is the yacht much slower than before?

The Effects of a Bad Propeller

  • Bad propellers make the engine work harder (higher or lower rpms) and cost you more money in fuel.
  • Engine burnout because damaged propellers will also put increased strain on your yacht engine.
  • The vessel will have terrible handling.
  • The yacht’s overall speed and experience will diminish.

Any experienced captain will attest to the need for propeller service every 2 years, or if the prop is damaged. Propeller reconditioning and propeller repair are necessary for the health of the vessel.

Repair or Replace?

Small cracks turn into big problems. The propeller endures all the strain of moving the yacht, so small cracks are subjected to a vast amount of pressure. There is not a lot of time between a small crack and a massive split. If you notice a crack on the prop, then bring it in to the closest South Florida boatyard for a haul out.

Big bends affect performance, so much that it isn’t worth it to ride it out. You’ll be spending more money in fuel and on replacing an engine sooner, which is why propeller reconditioning and propeller repair is cost-effective long term.

But remember, not all props are repairable.

Propeller reconditioning and propeller repair is not something that the metal worker down the road can take care of. It’s an art that factors in the materials used, the overall structure, and an intimate knowledge of marine science. Call Yacht Management today to get your prop back in good shape: (954) 941-6447.