Propspeed Application

When was the last time your vessel had a boat haul out? Be honest. Is it time to check the boat bottom? Is there a lot of marine growth surrounding the propeller? Did someone say Propspeed application? It might be time for one!

Most captains will disagree about which part of the yacht is the most important; some say the hull, some say the engine, others say the GPS, and a few even say the alcohol bar. Yacht Management isn’t going to take sides, but we do want to talk about one of the most vital parts of a yacht, it’s driving force, it’s mighty booster: the propeller.

Yacht Management uses Propspeed to enhance the performance, strength, and health of your yacht’s propeller.

Why Use Propspeed Paint?

All captains can agree that the propeller is a vital part of the boat. Propeller maintenance might not be a primary concern for all captains, but it is necessary and a yearly boat haul out makes long-term sense.

The benefits of Propspeed paint are increased speed, more fuel, and better overall propeller health. It’s a great antifouling paint that is a small investment with a lot of long-term benefits.

Taking care of your propeller is as easy as a haul-out at your local Fort Lauderdale boatyard and a coat of Propspeed.

Hire a Professional Propspeed Applicator

No matter how much you love working on your boat, there are some things better left to the pros. Propspeed paint must be applied correctly, simple as that. Yacht Management technicians work in teams to ensure that all precautions are taken and that Propspeed is applied properly.

It takes at least two applicators working with experience and speed to ensure that the Propspeed coat is applied correctly. That’s why Yacht Management recommends hiring a professional applicator to do the job for you!

We carry all the necessary tools to correctly apply Propspeed at our Fort Lauderdale marina.

Prop Speed Knowledge

  • Boat haul-outs will not damage or ware the prop speed applied to your propeller.
  • The average life expectancy of a prop speed coat is roughly a year, but it can vary based on water temp and miles sailed. Yearly boat haul-outs and prop speed application will ensure that it remains in top condition.
  • It works on fresh water and salt water boats and keeps all that pesky marine growth from building up on your propeller.

“One Hull of a Job”

Bottom paint is vital to the health of your boat, and applying bottom paint to your gear is only advised if you’re using the best possible products.

Why would you want to use any product that isn’t the very best on your vessel? Bottom jobs are a necessity, but the products you decide to use are merely options.

Call Yacht Management to learn more about our boat haul-outs and bottom jobs. All Propspeed applications are done on properly with our boatyard travelift.