Regulated Temperature, Air Quality, Paint Mixing and Paint Application

Boat painting is not something to take lightly. Much like the coat of paint you may find on a house, or even on a car, boat paint provides constant protection from the elements. What’s the difference between house or car paint and boat paint? Boat paint must protect surfaces that exist in a much harsher climate: water and saltwater.  

Yacht Management’s Florida boatyard is fully-equipped with all the tools and products that are essential for quality boat painting. We staff experienced boat painters who take pride in the work they do. Yacht Management provides more than just boat painting services, we provide aesthetic beauty and peace of mind.


Yacht Management’s boat painters do more than just put on overalls, gloves, and slap some paint on your boat.

Paint Shed – Quality Control

The quality of a boat paint job has as much to do with the paint and equipment as it has to do with the air temperature and quality. The Yacht Management paint shed offers full protection from the elements to maintain a pristine boat painting application.

The air pressure used is fully tested and the temperature is kept at 62 degrees to ensure a flawless shine on every vessel that comes to our South Florida marina for a new paint job or paint refinishing.

Color Lab

Yacht Management’s boat painters do more than just put on overalls, gloves, and slap some paint on your boat. Each boat painter is a technician with a firm understanding of yachts, superyachts, schooners, and how to paint them like new.  

Our color lab will mix the highest quality paints and chemicals to ensure that your vessel is protected from the elements. The appearance of a vessel is equally important to the captain as the health of the vessel, which is why Yacht Management does everything possible to perfectly match your existing boat paint or create a boat paint color and hue that suits your desires and vision for the appeal of your yacht.  


What’s the difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary? Just that little extra. That’s what separates Yacht Management’s boat painters from any other boatyard in Broward County.

Yacht Management’s Fort Lauderdale boatyard is fully stocked and equipped to handle the simplest or most complex boat painting jobs. An 80-ton travelift and custom yacht paint shed, the tools we use in the color lab, and our paint application tools and methods are what separates Yacht Management from the competition.

Yacht Painting Process

When your boat arrives at our Fort Lauderdale boatyard, our yacht technicians inspect the vessel and size up the job at hand. We speak to every boat’s captain to ensure that not only the needs of the vessel are met, but all desires of the captain as well.

Yacht Management provides boat haul-outs that allow our yacht technicians to provide full-service boat painting. Each boat painting package is fully customizable, including both topside and bottom boat painting services.

Boats are hauled out and placed into our customized yacht paint shed. Each vessel is primed and prepared for paint. Captains have the choice of sand or soda blasting.

Each and every environmental concern and government regulation regarding boat painting is considered, and rules are followed precisely. Boats are happily returned to captains looking like new.

Contact Yacht Management today for more information on our painting and fiberglass repair services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Inquire about your specific yacht and receive some pricing.