Sand & Soda Blasting

Yacht sandblasting and yacht soda blasting are the often-forgotten relatives of the pressure wash down and waxing that most yacht owners have come to know very well. However, do not underestimate the need and power of a good bottom sandblasting or yacht soda blasting.

Both sand and soda blasting are used in different contexts, but the outcome is the same: a clean and smooth yacht bottom. The trick is to get your bottom blasted and get a fresh coat of bottom paint on before new bottom paint is applied.

Yacht Sandblasting vs Yacht Soda Blasting

  • Yacht Sandblasting – sandblasting is considered more abrasive. Though sandblasting has been the preferred method for paint and grime removal, the blasting can leave marks on yachts if not done by professional yacht detailers in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Yacht Soda Blasting – soda blasting is fast-becoming a popular alternative to sandblasting. Sodium bicarbonate is used instead of sand and the particles break-up as they contact the bottom paint, leaving no marks.

Both the costs and reasons to use sand or soda blasting are different. It is best to discuss your particular needs with a professional at our South Florida Boatyard.

When Is It Time To Schedule Sandblasting or Soda Blasting?

  • Do you see gel coat blistering? The warm South Florida waters wreak havoc on boat bottom paint, and it is common for yachts in warm water to blister sooner and more frequently. So, scheduling sandblasting or soda blasting to maintain the condition of your yacht in South Florida is a great practice.
  • Is your boat slower? Slower boat speed and worse handling is caused by an uneven surface on the bottom of your yacht. Yacht Management can sandblast your yacht in attempts to even out some imperfections that are affecting your yacht’s performance.
  • If a yacht inspection reveals hull integrity issues. You will likely get an inspection at every haul out, or when you plan on selling or trading your yacht. In this case, you may want to schedule a yacht sandblasting or soda blasting.

 Benefits of Sand and Soda Blasting

Boat bottom paint is subject to the harsh punishment of the sea, which is why boat bottom cleanings are so important. However, after a while, you have to remove your boat bottom paint and add a fresh coat.

Yacht sandblasting and yacht soda blasting are part of the ongoing maintenance that all vessels must undergo.

Removing bottom paint on your yacht is a long and arduous process that is best handled by the pros at Yacht Management. There are safety and environmental concerns and laws that anyone who removes boat bottom paint must fully understand. Which blasting technique to use depends entirely on the condition of your vessel and the ultimate goal of the service; Yacht Management in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can help recommend which is best for your yacht. Contact us today for more information.