Skillful Hull and Topside Refinishing

When it comes to refinishing, we like to say that we do a hull of a job. Yacht management provides topside and hull refinishing at our fully stocked boatyard in Fort Lauderdale.

Hull and Topside Refinishing FAQ

  1. What causes cracks in the hull and deck?

    Most cracks are caused from typical stress. A yacht is a combination of very different materials hinged, glued and stuck together. Typical stress from movement, weathering and age are standard.

    However, some cracking is caused by heavy impacts and unusually high stress loads.

    In the yacht industry, you’ll often hear hull and topside cracks referred to as gelcoat crazing.

  2. Is yacht refinishing purely cosmetic?

    Refinishing is both cosmetic and structurally important.

    Hull and deck refinishing is the cosmetic surgery of the aquatic world. Refinishing is meant to remove unsightly cracks, bubbles and spots. Yachts are not cheap, so why should they look cheap?

    Though hull refinishing is cosmetic, it can lead to the discovery of real problems. Yacht management technicians are trained to look for any potential problems.

    Over time, gelcoat crazing will lead to real, structural issues so some form of hull refinishing and topside repair is required always.

  3. How can you prevent future gelcoat crazing?

    “A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” — John A. Shedd.

    There is no stopping gelcoat crazing and cracks. They are a part of the wonders of owning a fabulous yacht. Preventing the spread of cracks is easy if you schedule regular yacht refinishing as part of Yacht Management dockside services.

  4. How often should I refinish my yacht hull?

    If you want to play it safe, send in your yacht for hull refinishing at least once a year. Topside refinishing can be pushed to at least 2 years.

    Though the best course of action is to handle gelcoat crazing as soon as possible.

Not all hull refinishing services are made equal. Equipment, products and skill all factor into what makes up a well-done yacht refinishing.

You Get What You Pay For

Not all hull refinishing services are made equal. Equipment, products and skill all factor into what makes up a well-done yacht refinishing.

The yacht management technicians are fully experienced at working on 120-foot luxury yachts and providing excellent refinishing services. We provide a mirror shine that’s both aesthetically pleasing as well as structurally sounds.

Contact the Yacht Management team and discuss your options today (954) 941-644,

Why Choose Yacht Management?

Why choose Yacht Management to refinish your yacht?

Simple: our yacht technicians do more than just refinishing. We train our staff to be the master at their crafts and to understand the yacht industry in and out.

Our team may notice potential issues that detailers are not trained to see. Additionally, we have the tools and facilities to handle all yacht related issues. There is no need to travel to multiple yacht servicing locations, we can handle all your yacht needs under one roof.