Software & Services

Owning a yacht between 60-120 ft. requires experienced yacht crew management, managing a crew well requires nothing short of industry knowledge and years of experience. Yacht Management provides yacht crew management services because we know that the fun of owning a yacht is not in managing a yacht.

Simply call us to discuss your options: (+1) 954-941-6447.

Yacht Management provides:

-          Crew hiring and placement

-          Yacht crew management services

-          Task delegation, feedback, and creation of deadlines

-          Payroll services and software

-          Personal concierge services

-          Travel ready and splash ready status

Our crew management is designed to ensure that you and your guests are having fun and completely safe on every journey.

Yacht Crew Hiring

Our team has a full network of experienced yacht crew who can work your vessel and are ready to travel. We vet the entire crew that we hire and place, to ensure that all of the yachts we manage are handled by the most experienced, professional, and qualified yacht crew in South Florida.

We handle hiring and placement, so you can focus on enjoying your vessel.

Yacht Crew Management Services

Just like all the solutions we offer, our yacht crew management services save you time, save you money, and most of all, service your needs. Putting the experiences you want back into the fun of owning and traveling on a yacht.

Our yacht management staff handles all preliminary and major communication with the yacht crew, from start to finish.

Yacht Crew Payroll Software

Pay for crew when you need it. Yacht Management crew payroll software is designed to make financing and accounts easy.

Our systems were designed specifically for yacht crew management and payroll, which means that every aspect of crew management that you can possibly imagine is represented in our payroll software. Our dedicated team of marine professionals can walk you through every step of the software, or we can handle it for you.

Personal Concierge and Travel Itinerary

Our dedicated yacht management team takes care of every detail, so you don’t have to worry about anything but where you want to go to next. If you’re unsure about where to go, our personal concierge can even create a travel itinerary for you based on our network of traveler’s recommendations, our experiences, and our own personal relationships.

We provide services from yacht mechanical and electoral repairs, to boat bottom painting and everything in between. No matter the need, we can help.