Thorough Cleaning and Prep Work

There are two things that every onlooker notices when they see a yacht: the size and the shine. It’s that simple. Is there more to a yacht than that? Definitely. Every captain has a soft spot for their vessel; good times, bad weather and great memories. Impressing onlookers and taking care of your vessel can be done simultaneously by maintaining professional yacht painting and fiberglass repair.

Understanding this simple fact is what makes the difference when we prep a yacht for painting.


The quest to create a perfect yacht finish starts with detailed preparation. Yacht Management technicians prep a yacht for painting with the utmost care.

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and it can sure feel that way when it comes to painting a yacht. Nothing beats sailing on a clean, organized yacht, which is why yacht detailing services are so popular. But that same level of attention to detail should be applied to yacht painting and fiberglass repair. Thorough cleaning is the first step to prep a yacht for painting or fiberglass work.

Equipment, Cleaning & Prep

At Yacht Management, the best equipment is used for every job, ensuring the boat painting service in South Florida. A true master of yacht painting and fiberglass repair knows what tools are needed and which are unnecessary.

Yacht Management stocks the highest quality equipment on the market to prep for yacht work.  Base coats are inspected and soft soda blasting may be recommended to fix major issues. Preparation for topside and bottom paint jobs vary, but quality is an aspect that is constant.

Quality Control

Quality control starts before a single stroke of boat paint is applied. All the yacht painting products used at Yacht Management are checked for quality and maintained to ensure that each vessel is given the best possible paint job.

Yacht Management’s yacht painters pride themselves for their expertise and quality standards. Throughout the entire process, high end boat paint products and tools are used while constant inspections ensure quality is maintained.

Yacht management technicians carefully inspect each yacht for damage and any signs of potential, future damage.

More Than Just Cleaning

When we clean and prep a yacht for painting, we are accomplishing another important part of the process. Yacht management technicians carefully inspect each yacht for damage and any signs of potential, future damage.

Prevention is better than cure. Yacht painting and fiberglass repair begins with the understanding that all possible issues are handled best if addressed before they occur.

Clean and Prep to Sell Your Yacht

When it comes time for a captain to sell his vessel, a thorough cleaning, topside paint and bottom boat paint is necessary. A fresh paint job on smooth fiberglass can make all the difference when it comes time to sell your vessel.

Still not convinced? Call the yacht technicians at Yacht Management of South Florida and discuss your options and desires with them directly. We will happily customize any cleaning and prep work that your vessel needs and ensure that only the best quality products are applied to your yacht.