Underwater Light Repair and Installation

Underwater light repair and underwater light installation are more popular than ever. Yacht owners are installing underwater lights so their vessels stand out. Nothing looks quite as pleasing and majestic as big, bright, blue lights shooting out from under a yacht.

However, bright lights burn out faster. There’s a price to pay for having the best looking yacht in the South Florida marina. Underwater lighting is a very nice feature to add to your vessel, however, underwater light repair is very common when you have these illumination lights installed.

Why Have Underwater lights?

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Yacht owners have an affinity to the sea and sea life in general. Underwater lighting systems on yachts make the surrounding waters look beautiful. Essentially, making a yacht owner’s idea of the sea a reality. A beautiful, blue mystery!
  • Yacht Décor – Yacht owners love their vessels as much as they love the sea itself. Adding underwater lights to your yacht will make your yacht more striking and appealing.
  • Practicality – Using underwater lighting to fish or even for late-night swimming is a practical excuse to turn the lights on!

Colors, Brands and Bulbs

Underwater light repair and underwater light installation is unique to each yacht. There are many considerations to factor in when deciding an underwater lighting system:

  • Generic or brand name underwater bulbs?
  • Colored lights or natural lights?
  • Bulbs or full units?
  • How manty lumens?
  • LED or bulb?

Rather than speculate on each, we recommend calling Yacht Management and talking with one of our yacht consultants to determine what’s best for your vessel.

Underwater Light Repair Logistics

Everything in the marine world is a little more complicated than life on the shore. For example: changing a light bulb on your car is a lot easier than underwater light repair or underwater light installation.

Yacht Management’s travelift can lift yachts up to 120 feet. That’s when our underwater light professionals go to work on your vessel. Underwater light repair and underwater light installation is just another day in the marina for us.

Yacht Management’s Underwater Lighting Professionals

We do both underwater light repair and underwater light installation at our Fort Lauderdale boatyard. If your lighting system has been compromised in even the smallest way, our yacht consultants will be able to identify and fix the issue. 

Uncovered lights will glow green because the light is showing the tiny plant life in the water. Colored bulbs or light covers are used to achieve the blue light that most of our client’s desire. 

Consistent maintenance is a small price to pay to enjoy the open sea, and underwater lighting may require maintenance, but the results of a fully lit yacht are worth the hassle. With that in mind, the Yacht Management underwater lighting professionals treat each underwater lighting project as the unique endeavor it is. We’ll show you the light!