Yacht Restorations and Refurbishments & Fiberglass, Aluminum and Wood

Like the old saying goes, prevention is better than the cure. That is the hallmark of good yacht maintenance, finding the issues before they become problems and fixing them. There is no substitute for experience in the yacht maintenance industry. Yacht restorations and refurbishments are part of the attention to detail we that we prioritize at our South Florida boatyard service center.

Each vessel is comprised of many different materials, each with a unique set of challenges. Yacht fiberglass repairs, yacht aluminum repairs, and yacht wood repairs and interconnected and separate. Each repair requires a different set of tools and technical experience, but they all affect one another.

Prevention is better than the cure.

Yacht Fiberglass Repairs

Yacht fiberglass repairs are so vital because they not only repair the yacht cosmetically, but they also provide insight for potential future problems.

The experienced technicians at our full-service boatyard and service center perform yacht fiberglass repairs and inspections, so you can rest easy knowing that your schooner is in tip-top shape.

Yacht Aluminum Repairs

More and more frequently, we are finding modern yacht hulls are made of aluminum; and much like any other vital structure on your yacht, it needs occasional repairs.

Yacht Management can find vulnerabilities and conduct any yacht aluminum repairs that you need on your vessel.

Yacht Wood Repairs

The original material all boats were made of! Yacht wood repairs are just as complicated as aluminum and fiberglass repairs, but for different reasons.

Yacht Management’s boatyard services include wood repairs for yachts. Bring your vessel back to its original condition in no time at all.

Attention to detail goes a long way to create our culture of prevention and yacht repair. Each project involving yacht restorations and refurbishments that we embark on is treated like the one-of-a-kind service that it is.