Yacht Restorations and Refurbishments

The words and the work behind yacht refurbishment, yacht restoration, and yacht repair may seem similar, but they couldn’t be more different.

Unfortunately, there is no standard definition for what constitutes restoration and what constitutes refurbishment. It is highly dependent on the technician’s idea of the work at hand.

The hardest part of yacht restoration and refurbishment is finding a quality and trusted, local Fort Lauderdale boatyard that holds itself to high standards.

Finding a trustworthy yacht technician is 70% of the work.

With that in mind, Yacht Management, a South Florida boatyard and service center, wants to take a shot at defining these slippery terms to provide a little insight and hopefully some clarity when it comes to deciding whether your yacht needs a refurbishment, repair, or restoration.

  • Yacht Refurbishment

Refurbishment can be interchanged with the words reconditioning or refinishing. It’s the first option available, but not always the best.

Yacht refurbishment requires less work to bring the vessel back to a functioning state. If there is less of a need for new marine parts, but rather the existing parts could be refurbished to work, that constitutes a refurbishment.

The end goal is to ensure that the yacht functions and looks good again. A yacht refurbishment shouldn’t be used to save money, but rather if that’s all the vessel needs.

  • Yacht Restoration

Restoration is much like rebuilding a yacht.

The purpose of yacht restoration is to bring the vessel back to its original state; installing new parts, removing damage, and replacing it.

Not only will the yacht look good and function well, the restored parts will last longer and perform much better than if the yacht was refurbished.

The idea is to return the yacht to its former glory, bring it back to life, and ready to make new memories on it. Reset to factory settings.

Restoration that is not handled by professionals or a skilled yacht technician can leave the yacht in worse condition than before. Small structural anomalies could lead to even bigger issues long term. It’s vital to find the right yacht technician for the job.

  • Yacht Repair 

Yacht repair should only be necessary if the vessel has sustained damage. Yacht refurbishment and yacht restoration are preventative, whereas yacht repair is a cure. Repair is close to the realm of restoration. If repair is necessary, then the situation is likely more serious. Repairs are synonymous with serious damage.

Yacht Management’s experienced marine technicians in South Florida explain the differences between yacht repair, yacht restoration, yacht refurbishment.

How to Find a Good Boatyard and Service Center

There’s no avoiding the three R’s of any boatyard. The sea won’t just let anyone pass through gently, we all must pay a tariff, and that’s why Yacht Management of South Florida spends time inspecting, maintaining, and repairing vessels under our care.

Find a yacht technician that’s in your corner. As mentioned before, finding a marine technician in South Florida that is both experienced and trusted is the most difficult part of the job.

Look for reviews, ask around, and visit your local South Florida marina to get a feeling for the boatyard’s standards.

Don’t stick with a poor yacht technician simply because they have worked on your vessel for a long period of time. Find a tech that you know will refurbish, restore or repair up to your standards.