Yacht Services & Boat Repair in Chub Cay

From our Fort Lauderdale boatyard and marina, our team at Yacht Management South Florida can easily reach owners cruising anywhere in Florida and the Bahamas - that includes the vibrant island of Chub Cay. If your yacht experiences any malfunctions or needs emergency maintenance while it is cruising the waters of Chub Cay, our certified yacht technicians can be flown out to help.

Specializing in complete yacht care, our technicians can provide mechanical and electrical dockside services to vessels in emergency situations. The last thing you want during the busy Caribbean yacht season is for your yacht to be stuck in a marina for weeks or even months. That's why we offer quick and convenient yacht services and boat repair in Chub Cay to our clients as part of our yacht management program.

Should you need urgent yacht repair services while in Chub, call (954) 941-6447 to speak with one of our yacht management representatives and see what we can do to solve your issue.

Emergency Repairs and Maintenance

When it comes to yachting, it's actually a good idea to expect the unexpected. Running up on a problem during a yachting trip isn't ideal, but it does happen. Keeping a regular yacht maintenance schedule helps mitigate the frequency of problems, but unexpected issues can still sometimes arise.

Fortunately, we offer emergency yacht services and boat repair in Chub Cay and the rest of the Bahamas. Typically, our technicians can be in Chub Cay in 24 hours or less. Once they arrive, they will be ready to start addressing your yacht's malfunctions or other problems. Trust our certified expertise and experience to get your vessel back out into the water in no time.

Dockside Services Wherever You're Docked

Our technicians will go to whichever marina in Chub Cay where your boat is docked. Once they arrive, they can repair most mechanical or electrical problems or system failures your yacht is experiencing. Plumbing issues, water maker malfunctions, and air conditioning problems are the usual suspects. Less common are engine issues and leaks, but they are urgent and will be addressed as quickly as possible. We'll provide all the dockside services necessary to make your yacht splash-ready!

Chub Cay, Bahamas

Chub Cay is a small island located 150 miles southeast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Part of the Berry Islands chain of the Bahamas, Chub Cay has soft white sand beaches surrounded by wide stretches of shallow turquoise water. Home to the Chub Cay Resort & Marina, the island attracts plenty of yacht owners and charter guests. Chub Cay is most known as a busy hub for sport fishing and is known as "the billfish capital of the Bahamas."

Yacht Ownership Made Easy

Yacht Management South Florida is committed to making yacht ownership effortless and easy. Our management and maintenance services are designed to give yacht owners peace of mind. They can rest easy knowing their vessel is in the hands of highly experienced and certified professionals. Contact us to learn more about our services, including our emergency yacht services and boat repair in Chub Cay.