Yacht Tender Repair and Maintenance

A large portion of motor yachts and sailboats have secondary yacht tenders attached to them. Yacht tenders give you and your guests the ability to cruise shallow waters and go to shore. They allow for more exploration opportunities than you can get with your larger yacht alone.

Just like your main vessel, yacht tenders and inflatable tenders need regular maintenance and repair work to ensure optimal performance as well as maximum safety. At Yacht Management South Florida Inc., our yacht maintenance technicians offer first-rate inflatable and yacht tender maintenance and repair services. Our premier yacht management company provides tender and inflatable boat repairs at our Fort Lauderdale marina and boatyard.

Luxury Yacht Tenders & Inflatable Tenders

Depending on the size of your tender, the smaller vessel will either be secured to your yacht via a dinghy lift system and davits or towed behind. Yacht tenders come in all kinds of sizes and types. The one you choose for your yacht will be contingent upon the kinds of activities you expect your guests to do with them.

Popular recreational activities include fast cruising, island-hopping, scuba-diving, fishing, and more. Taking these into account, you can choose from large luxury yacht tenders, ultra-fast superyacht tenders, or more conservative inflatable yacht tenders and dinghies.

Regardless of which vessel you end up going with, our top-rated services can meet any of your yacht tender repair and maintenance needs.

Reliable Yacht Tender Maintenance & Repairs

All yacht tenders, regardless of whether they are hard tenders or typically more delicate inflatable tenders, need regular maintenance and the occasional repair work to ensure peak performance and a long-lasting lifespan for the vessel. If your luxury yacht tender is in the water and you use it frequently, it may start showing signs of wear and tear.

Our consistent yacht tender repair and maintenance schedules will protect your secondary vessel from the long-term negative effects of damage caused by the following:

  • Exposure to salt water, sunlight, and high temperatures
  • Marine growth on hull
  • Deterioration or clogging of air valves due to salt water or sand
  • Rust, oxidation, mold, and mildew
  • Abrasions caused by repeated use
  • Scratches and punctures to interior and exterior caused by equipment, sand, or underwater debris

Inflatable Boat Repairs

Inflatable yacht tenders are typically more delicate than their counterparts. Our inflatable boat repairs and maintenance services are designed and customized to best protect and fix any issues that may affect your inflatable tender. These services include:

  • Inflatable Boat Seam Repair
  • Inflatable Boat Transom Repair
  • Dinghy Lift Systems Maintenance & Repair

At Yacht Management South Florida Inc., our team of certified technicians offers an all-inclusive selection of yacht restoration, yacht management services, and yacht maintenance services at our Fort Lauderdale marina and full-service boatyard. Our roster includes dependable yacht tender maintenance and repair services. To learn more about our services or schedule a yard period with us, contact us or call (954) 941-6447 to speak with a member of our team!