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Comprehensive Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Service and Repair

There’s nothing like sitting back in your cabin after a sunny day of boating – cool and refreshed with a cold drink in hand. Proper yacht air-conditioning and refrigeration are required to make this kind of leisure your lifestyle.

Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. offers a wide range of comprehensive air-conditioning and refrigeration services and repairs. Our yacht maintenance professionals are knowledgeable and properly equipped to handle any of your mechanical or electrical issues from yacht AC repair to yacht refrigeration repair. All it takes is a few clicks or a phone call to get your systems back up-and-running. Call us here: (954) 941-6447 or email us here, instead:


Comprehensive Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Service and Repair Separator

There’s nothing like sitting back in your cabin after a sunny day of boating – cool and refreshed with a cold drink in hand.

Comprehensive Air-Conditioning Service & Repair

Climate control is a necessity for a successful day boating and for the safety of your yacht. Yacht air-conditioning ensures that humidity is reduced, moisture is diminished, and your yacht is kept in pristine condition.

There are multiple kinds of yacht air-conditioning units out there. Thankfully, the professionals at Yacht Management are knowledgeable in all of them and will provide you with an exemplary comprehensive air conditioning repair with our other yacht maintenance services.

While many smaller boats house a hatch-mounted portable AC unit, more common and much larger yachts contain a split-air conditioning system. Also known as central air conditioning and used for boats of up to 80’ in length, this system requires that two units be connected by insulated copper tubing. One of the units, the condensing unit, is placed in the engine room, while the other unit, the evaporating unit, is placed in the living area.

If any damage is done to your AC unit of whichever capacity and size, excellent yacht AC repair is provided to our customers by our trained yacht technicians. Don’t waste another moment without a hideaway from the hot sun; have your air-conditioning spruced up with one of our many reputable yacht maintenance services.


Refrigeration Service & Repair

Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. also employs the best repair techniques, along with the highest quality products to service your boat refrigeration system. Whether your yacht uses a drop-in unit, a cold-plate system, or a holding-plate system, our trained technicians can handle any electrical issue you may encounter as a part of our yacht refrigeration repair services.

Most varieties of yacht refrigeration systems run on 12 volts. Our experienced team of yacht management professionals have the knowledge and the equipment to go above and beyond in your yacht refrigeration repair. There’s no reason to sacrifice the luxury and ease of an in-boat refrigeration system any longer. Join all our other happy boaters and utilize our premier yacht maintenance services. Not to mention, you won’t have to lug that heavy cooler on and off of your yacht while out for a day of boating, either.


If you would like more information regarding our yacht maintenance services including those of yacht air-conditioning repair or yacht refrigeration repair, you can contact us by phone at (954) 941-6447 or be email at Reach us today to sail the seas tomorrow!

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