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Comprehensive Planning, Organizing and Management of Substantial Refit Projects

There is no refit too large, no repair too complicated, and no challenge too great for the Yacht Management team. Our South Florida marina has been host to some of the most substantial refit projects this side of the equator and we have completed them all. We owe the success of our yacht refit services to comprehensive planning, organization, and management process.

Our yacht refit services are outlined and planned long before the vessel arrives at our South Florida marina.

Goals – Yacht Management Standards

The most important step is always the first. Yacht Management technicians all work with a certain set of goals in mind, above and beyond the refit project specifications. Our goals are to provide quality yacht refit services with quick turnaround to ensure that every yacht we refit is splash-ready, no matter how substantial the project.

Desired Outcomes – What Captains Desire from a Refit

We cannot tell if we have arrived if we don’t know where we are going. Yacht Management staff work with captains and yacht owners to establish a set of goals. The request may be simple: we want smoother cruising, we want more luxury on the deck, we want to go faster. Whatever the goal is, that’s what our technicians use as a mission to measure the overall success of the yacht refit service.

Major yacht refitting is far more complicated than these simple terms but by defining the desired outcomes of a refit, we can plan and organize accordingly.

Strategies for Substantial Refits

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Before a tool is lifted, Yacht Management technicians inspect the vessel and create a plan of action. Substantial refits often require ingenuity, creativity, and lots of planning -all of which is served equally at Yacht Management.

Our technicians have had to fully remove decks to install new marine engines, completely remodel yacht interiors, and provide large-scale haul outs for hull refits. We owe all our substantial yacht refit service success to the planning performed by our technicians.

Let’s Get to Work

Yacht Management manages a large-scale parts department at our South Florida marina. All the parts needed for a major yacht refit are on hand at all times, allowing for quick turnaround and testing.

When work begins, there is no need to wait for a part, and no need to slow the process. We have planned for every outcome and we have the tools and parts to deal with any unforeseen circumstances beforehand.

Yacht Management technicians work with every major yacht vendor and are certified to handle all imaginable refits.


True craftmanship is not knowing much was done at all. We deem a substantial yacht refit project a success if goals and outcomes are met and if no one can tell there was any work done at all.

Once the refit has been completed, we work to ensure that the overall look and aesthetic of the vessel remains in perfect condition with the added additions.

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