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Electrical Repairs, Service, and Upgrades

Marine Electrical Services – Repairs, Service, and Upgrades

At Yacht Management South Florida, our experienced and certified marine electricians are ready to take on any electrical repair or installation project. Our yacht maintenance and management company offers top-quality marine electrical services on-site at our Fort Lauderdale marina or on location anywhere in South Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

From boats and motor yachts to superyachts, our qualified marine electricians have fixed the electrical issues of a variety of vessels in and out of the water. We will customize a yacht maintenance plan to best suit your preferences and the needs of your vessel. Our extensive marine electrical services can cover all electrical requirements of your vessel.


Extensive Marine Electrical Services

With a focus on precision and safety, you can trust all marine electrical projects to be completed up to manufacturer’s standards. Whether on-site at our Fort Lauderdale marina or on location, our certified marine electricians can efficiently repair or install a number of electrical components and systems on your boat.

  • AC & DC Electrical Work
  • Battery System
  • Chargers, Converters, and Inverter
  • Generator
  • Shore Power
  • Control Panel, Distribution Panel, and Main Switchgear
  • Lighting Systems and Navigation Lighting
  • Security System
  • GPS System
  • Air Conditioning


 Regular Yacht Maintenance and Troubleshooting

At Yacht Management South Florida, our yacht and superyacht management services include scheduled yacht maintenance. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal yacht maintenance plan designed according to your preferences and the needs of your vessel.

These customized plans include both routine and preventative maintenance of your vessel’s electrical systems. Our certified marine electricians will regularly troubleshoot your boat’s electrical systems to identify any weaknesses or issues.

These marine electrical services can be delivered during yard periods at our Fort Lauderdale marina, dockside or on-location anywhere in South Florida, the Bahamas, and the rest of the Caribbean.

Boat Electrical Repairs, Refits, and Retrofits

Should any marine electrical issues or potential problems be spotted during troubleshooting, our certified marine electricians have the experience and expertise to conduct any necessary repairs to the electrical systems of your vessel. Our marine electricians can also handle a variety of electrical installation projects including refits, retrofits, and upgrades.

Marine technology keeps on improving with improvement in things like energy efficiency, navigation accuracy, satellite connection, and luxury. Our marine electricians are knowledgeable about the latest technological innovations. Keep your yacht or superyacht up-to-date by allowing them to install to the latest electrical products and systems.

If you want to learn more about the marine electrical services we offer, call us today at (954) 941-6447, or email us at Visit our Fort Lauderdale marina and one of our boatyard managers will happily walk you through any recommendation you may need.

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