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Metal Polishing Services

When most of us think of modern day yachts, we think of fiberglass or teak. Though both of those materials make up a large portion of our vessels, metal, stainless steel, bronze and aluminum are an important part of our yachts. With that being said, metal polishing services are just as vital to the health of your yacht as teak varnishing is.

Nothing reveals the true beauty of a vessel like a new polish. Call Yacht Management: (954) 941-6447

Why Metal Polishing Services Are Necessary

Rust is yacht owner’s worst enemy, and the worst possible thing a yacht owner can see, other than a large tail fin circling the boat.

No one likes rust.

A lot of moisture with little to no oxygen is where rust likes to live. Add salt, which holds moisture, and that’s how the process begins. If it sounds like we’re describing the ocean, we are. The ocean is a breeding ground for rust, which makes metal polishing services so necessary. The only alternative to not polishing is rust, guaranteed.  

Welded areas have a higher susceptibility to corrosion. Metal polishing will bring out the shine on your yacht and help keep the rust at bay, but simply polishing won’t be enough. Yacht Management uses EPA approved products to effectively polish marine metals and keep them healthy.


Not all metals are the same. Trained yacht management technicians can tell the difference between aluminum, stainless steel, and bronze. Knowing the differences in these metals is vital to proper yacht maintenance.

Our technicians, detailers, and cleaning staff have decades of combined experience. We know exactly how to handle rust.

The Yacht Management Difference

Yacht Management uses marine metal polishing brands that add a protective coat. These not only bring out your vessels shine, but also protects metals from the corrosive elements being the sun, water, and salt.

We only use the highest quality products that clean better, last longer and protect more, and we polish every metal on your yacht:

  • Marine components and fastenings polished to a mirror finish
  • Polish all décor and decals
  • Polish all automotive trims and pedals
  • Polish all signage, lettering, handles and fixings
  • Polish all trims and all metal types

Yacht Management does more than just provide yacht polishing services in Fort Lauderdale. We provide a system of care that ensures your vessel has a long-lasting life. We offer metal polishing services with a difference, the Yacht Management difference. 

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