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Seacock & Thru-Hull Inspection and Service

We sail and take fishing trips because we love the water… as long as it stays on the outside of the yacht. Seacocks and thru-hulls are a measure of control we have over the water around us. Seacock repairs and thru-hull inspections are a necessary part of that control.

Like everything we take for granted on our yachts, you won’t notice them until they stop working.

What are Seacocks and Thru-Hulls?

Seacocks allow water to travel in and out of a yacht based on the purpose of the water. Water intake may cool the engine while water outflow may come from kitchen sinks or showers. Water travels into the yacht by way of the thru-hull.

Yachts are meant to stay on the right side of the water, fingers crossed, and so the intake and outflow of water into a yacht should be taken seriously.

The sea can be a tricky mistress, and water should be controlled with the utmost care.

Seacock and Thru-hull Inspections

Not only are seacocks and thru-hulls vital to vessel function and safety, but they are conveniently placed to be used as a foot-hold during regular boating activities. Unfortunately, they are not meant to be used this way, so most seacocks and thru-hulls are strained further than they should be.

That’s why seacock and thru-hull inspections are so important. Let’s keep the water on the outside of the yacht, where it belongs.

Preventative Yacht Maintenance

Hopefully, regular yacht maintenance is routine for all yacht owners and crew; and because of their importance to the health of the yacht, seacock and thru-hull inspections are a vital part of preventative yacht care.

Consistent and mindful inspection will save money and headaches down the road. One of the most avoidable reasons yachts sink is because of cracked seacocks and damaged thru-hulls.

Yacht inspections and haul outs that are performed early and often are the cure. Seacock repairs and thru-hull inspections are a much better alternative to a sea tow.

Seacock & Thru-Hull Inspection and Service Separator

Seacock Repairs and Thru-Hull Inspections Are Vital!

Seacock repair and thru-hull inspections are best performed out of the water. Yacht Management technicians will conduct inspections during routine, yearly haul outs, as well as during custom dockside services.

An experienced yacht technician will inspect yacht seacocks and thru-hulls, as well as the connecting hoses. Be sure to point out any issues you have seen and let the technician know how often you open and close the seacock.

Though it may seem counter intuitive, the more the seacock is used, the better its condition.

Just under half of all boats that sink do so at their own docks, and most of those are because a thru-hull and seacock let water into the vessel.



Yacht Management Inspection Services

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