System Check Services

Yacht maintenance and system checks should be a regular part of your overall yacht maintenance. All yachts should be run to temperature for at least 30 minutes, and all electric systems should be checked and tested during that time.

Regular system checks ensure that all components are working properly, and any malfunction is discovered before any further damage occurs. Locating a problem before you cruise into the sea is the preferable alternative to finding one in the middle of the Caribbean.

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Monthly Yacht Maintenance and System Checks

Yacht Management technicians conduct system checks on all the electrics on our client’s vessels on a regular basis.

After heavy usage, we test all the batteries and replace the ones with low capacity. Our technicians also check that all wiring remains bundled, clear of obstruction, and working correctly.

Monthly, we check all interior and exterior marine lights. We inspect the bulk head and wire contention on terminals. Finally, all the electrics related to the function of the engine are checked and maintained.

Before any long trips, vacations, or hiatuses, Yacht Maintenance electricians and technicians provide full yacht maintenance and system checks, as well as inspections to ensure your vessel is ready for anything.

Our marine system checklist is fully comprehensive, ensuring that every electrical system on board is checked.

Learn more about Systems Checks and Start-Ups here!

If Issues Arise

We aren’t just looking for issues, we are trouble shooting problems and finding solutions.

Our mechanics can repair all yacht electrics and systems, and our inhouse parts department allows for quick and easy turnaround. We specialize in:

  • Electronic refits and upgrades, including software
  • Installation of radars, depth finders, GPS, chart plotters, fish finders, etc.
  • Satellite TV and phone system installation
  • Custom wireless internet networking
  • Audio/visual installations - entertainment systems, flat screen HDTV, BOSE systems, Sirius/XM satellite radios
  • Diesel engine repairs, including generators
  • All electrical systems
  • Lighting
  • Complete air conditioning services
  • Hydraulic control repair and installation
  • Marine sanitation equipment repairs and installation

Our goal is to ensure that every single one of our clients receives a full system check. Visit our South Florida marina to learn more.