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Teak And Varnish Services

Yacht Management offers teak varnishing services at our Fort Lauderdale marina. All you have to do is give us a call and we will discuss everything we offer: (954) 941-6447. 

In the yacht world, looks matter and nothing makes your yacht stand out more than a vibrant, clean deck. Getting teak varnish services is like taking your yacht to the spa and getting some much need exfoliation. Make that outer shell shine a little more than the rest of the vessels at your Fort Lauderdale marina

What's great about any yacht maintenance that improves looks is that it will also improve performance and overall boat health. Yacht maintenance is always beneficial in so many ways. It's a 2-birds-with-1-stone situation. 

The Key to A Great Looking Marine Varnish: 

  • How many coats of varnish you apply to the teak
  • The teak finishing products you use
  • How often you varnish your deck
  • Consistent preventative maintenance on your deck

The difference between an ordinary looking deck and an extraordinary looking deck is just that little extra

Yacht Management's detailing and maintenance teams have leagues of experience. Our teak varnish service is the best bar none.

A Good Varnish Begins with Expert Sanding

Wood is a very malleable material. You could say that wood has a life of its own. Teak will naturally warp and develop peaks and valleys. You can see this in almost any wood that's exposed to the elements. Take a look at the wood on your dock, each piece gets "bumpy" with age. 

A Good Teak Varnishing Begins with an Expert Sandy

We begin by removing any old varnish, then we sand the teak deck to decrease the space between the peaks and valleys. Then our team applies multiple coats of varnish until the service is flush, level, and looking excellent. 

Eventually your yacht with look incredible and protected from the elements. 

Call Yacht Management to learn more. There is no obligation to buy: (954) 941-6447.


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