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Wash Downs


Yacht wash downs the simplest way to really make your vessel stand out while simultaneously maintaining it.

It is so important to thoroughly wash the salt water off your boat and give it a nice wax. This should be done regularly. For people who own boats it may be a little easier to give your boat a wash down. For yacht owners, it’s a little more challenging.

Yacht Management offers a yacht cleaning service that includes yacht wash downs. We come to your vessel and give it a full wash down and a full detail.

All you must do is tell us about a trio you have taken or when you’ll be back, and we will schedule a wash down for your yacht.

We do more than just a pressure wash. Like everything we do at Yacht Management, our yacht wash down service is top-notch. That’s why so much of our business is from referrals. We make an impression and we work to ensure that your yacht makes and impression on everyone who climbs aboard and everyone who sees it.

Wash downs are essential to maintaining your yacht long-term. After all the time and money, you put into your yacht, wash downs are the little extra, consistent maintenance that can really make a difference.

Wash downs are a good way to maintain the aesthetics as well. A wash down will remove and prevent pox from building on the stainless of your boat. So, when your yacht sits at the dock, it will look as good as they day you bought it.

Your yacht will have a high mirror shine and a coat that you can be sure is healthy and long lasting.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and speak to a Yacht Management representative that can get you started: (954) 941-6447. 

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