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Waxing your yacht is another service that is important for both aesthetics and for overall boat maintenance. A yacht waxing service is the best option for yacht owners who have large vessels and no time to spend maintaining their vessels.

Captains have worked hard to afford their yachts and want to enjoy them, not wax them. For that reason, Yacht Management offers yacht waxing services at our South Florida yacht marina. We do the necessary waxing, so you get to enjoy a yacht that looks good and is well maintained. 

It’s no secret that the sun and salt water have a less than desirable affect on yachts. That coat takes a beating daily, and that coat it not just your yachts great looks but the first line of defense your yacht has against the elements. 

Waxing Separator

Just like cars, yachts need regular service too.

Most yachts should be waxed roughly 3 times a year to maintain that absolute perfect shine. But so many factors can change that number. If you keep your yacht in harsh South Florida waters, or if you spend a lot of time traveling on your yacht, you may need to wax your vessel a little more often.

When the elements dull and oxidize your yacht, the only cure is a professional yacht waxing service. A semi regular waxing is the best medicine. When you sign up for the yacht management monthly service, will take care of the waxing for you. You don’t have to worry about it at all. You don’t have to call, you don’t have to check and see if it’s time for a wax. We will take care of it when a wax becomes necessary and let you know. 

Not all yachts are made equally. The truth is your yacht may need more waxing or less waxing depending on many factors. To really know what you need, call Yacht Management (954) 941-6447. 

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