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Yacht Services in Nassau

Yacht Repairs and Maintenance in Nassau, Bahamas

Yachting is truly a global industry, it is an industry defined by excursions to some of the most beautiful far-flung paradises around the world. As such, at any given moment, many of our clients and the vessels we are responsible for managing or maintaining are cruising in international waters.

Our superyacht management company, Yacht Management South Florida, Inc., is based at our Fort Lauderdale marina and full-service boatyard. Luckily, our certified yacht technicians can fly out to surrounding areas allowing us to serve all our clients wherever they may be. One of the destinations our yacht maintenance and yacht restoration experts often fly out to is the capital of The Bahamas - Nassau.

The Bahamian Capital is a Yachting Haven

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and has been known as yacht haven for decades. Surrounded by the shallow turquoise waters that define the Caribbean, this joyous city is home to lush tropical natural beauty and brightly colored luxury bungalows. This popular yacht charter destination is known for its high-end shopping, elegant casinos, exclusive yacht clubs, and luxury resorts.

Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island just off the shore of Nassau is perhaps the area's most recognizable resort. It is one of the many local resorts with its own marina. The world-class marinas in Nassau, Bahamas are what truly solidifies its place as a yacht haven.

World-Renowned Marinas in Nassau, Bahamas

In addition to its central location on the island of New Providence, international airport, white sand beaches, and exciting blend of cultures, what truly makes Nassau one of the most visited yachting destination year in and year out are its exceptional marinas. Some of the most well-known marinas include:

  • Nassau Yacht Haven
  • Bay Street Marina
  • Palm Cat Marina
  • Atlantis Marina
  • Albany Marina
  • Lyford Cay Club Marina

Maintenance, Repair & Emergency Yacht Services

If your vessel is docked at one of these marinas or any of the other ones dotted throughout the city, know that our certified yacht technicians can fly out to your location should you need yacht repairs or maintenance in Nassau. And should a critical system on your vessel experience a failure, take comfort in knowing we also provide emergency yacht services in Nassau. Expect our highly-qualified technicians to arrive at your boat within 24 hours or less. We'll bring our first-rate dockside services to you!

Should you ever be in need of yacht services in Nassau, Bahamas - contact us or call (954) 941-6447 to speak with one of our yacht care representatives and see what we can do to solve your issue.

More Services at Our South Florida Location

Should you yacht need more extensive repairs or maintenance work, schedule a yacht period with Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. at our Fort Lauderdale marina and full-service boatyard. Our experienced team of yachting industry professionals not only ensure yachts are splash ready, they also specialize in yacht management, boat restoration, and yacht concierge services - just to name a few of the specialty services from our wide-ranging roster.

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