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Why Choose Us? | Yacht Management South Florida Inc.

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If you have recently purchased a boat or are a new yacht owner, you are probably facing a checklist of tasks that seem never-ending, from finding a yard to complete haul-outs and repairs to yacht refits to sea trials to hiring and managing a crew to monthly dockside services. There is so much to get done before your yacht is finally ready to be underway. The time and stress of this process can be relieved when you hire experienced professionals to take care of the details.

If you are looking for the best yacht management in South Florida, Yacht Management is the company to choose. Our team is committed to ensuring stress-free yacht ownership for all our clients. We will go above and beyond what you’ve come to expect from a yacht management company.

Reasons to Hire a Yacht Management Company

When weighing the option of a management company compared to hiring your own full-time crew or full-time captain on your own, there are some things to consider. First, realize depending on the size of your yacht, 60 feet and below, or 60 feet and above, there are very different management plans that need to be applied to handle all the different aspects of yachts in these size ranges. At Yacht Management, we specialize in managing vessels in the 40 feet to 150 feet and over range.

Managing a captain and crew can be a difficult and time-consuming reality, especially for a new owner. And, having to rely on the judgment of your captain to maintain and mange vendors they hire to complete services on your vessel can be an even more daunting situation. When you hire Yacht Management, you’re hiring an experienced team of professionals who has dealt with your type of vessel before and understands the expectations you have as an owner and how to execute on them to the highest regard.

What You Can Expect From Our Management Plans

From managing operations on your yacht to performing regularly scheduled maintenance, we handle every aspect of owning a yacht so owners can sit back and relax while enjoying their fun time at sea. Listed below are some of the services Yacht Management offers that new yacht owners should take advantage of. Keeping the luxury and performance of their yachts up to the highest standards requires continuous yacht maintenance. At Yacht Management, our mission is to maintain the boating dream by taking pride and joy in facilitating the luxury experience expected in yachting. We always aim to have your boat splash ready. Our clients give us the keys and we handle the rest.

Our management plans are designed not only to adapt to the type of vessel and its onboard systems, but also to meet the needs of the owners, ensuring their enjoyment of the boat and a successful completion of cruising programs. Yacht Management’s value encompasses two major divisions:


1.      Monthly Management Program

With our monthly management programs, we relive what can seem like an overwhelming feeling of “what did I just get myself into?” As people new to yachting soon come to realize, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes dynamics that go into keeping the vessel in its desired condition and on par with the expected experience. Whether the boat is being used for personal use, or utilizing a charter program to help offset costs, Yacht Management specializes in taking care of all the headaches. We assign experienced yacht managers to each vessel in our program to design and execute a tailored plan completing a wide range of tasks including:

  • Crew Management: We find the ideal captain and crew members for your yacht; whatever the need. Fulltime crew or crew needed for a specific trip, our team handles the interviewing process, accounting and payroll, vacation times, we even offer comprehensive health care plans and more.
  • Yacht Financial Management: Our qualified accounting team can manage the finances of your vessel by performing bookkeeping, budget forecasting, financial tracking, petty cash accounting, and additional expense management.
  • Concierge Services: In collaboration with your crew, we can plan every detail of your yachting trip or charter program. Our managers can assist with dockage, itinerary planning, provisioning, guest transportation services, accommodation booking, and even the delivery of parts and vessels.
  • Mobile Dockside Service teams: For boats in our monthly management program, we offer mobile service teams maintaining boats in the tri-county areas of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade on a scheduled, weekly basis. Our team of licensed, trained, and insured yacht care professionals offer services to vessels docked behind a home or located in any marina in South Florida such as- complete detailing, washdowns, bottom cleanings, interior cleanings, systems checks, mechanical and electrical repairs, warranty tracking, service history tracking, and much more.

Our monthly yacht management programs also include scheduling regular yacht maintenance and facilitating any emergency repairs, yacht refits, or other major projects. We also offer Hurricane Storage Plans to give you piece of mind knowing you have a plan in place and satisfying your insurance companies’ requirements for coverage. When you choose Yacht Management, you choose endless opportunities. Not only do we offer experienced yacht managers, but access to a whole team of certified yacht technicians and a full-service boatyard.

2.      Full-Service Boatyard and Marina

  • Boatyard: Not only can Yacht Management manage and maintain your vessel; we complete major service too.  Our full-service boatyard and marina are located on The New River just west of I-95 at 3001 W. State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Unlike other yacht management companies, we offer a brick and mortar facility where you can come in and talk to a team member regarding your yacht. Our boatyard offers an 80-ton travel lift that can haul vessels up to 100 feet. Our team includes certified service technicians and designers that can perform systems installations, HVAC services, engine repairs, pulls and rebuilds, secondary watercraft maintenance, bottom painting, yacht refits, restorations, updates, and more.
  • Dockage: Also located here at our facility are marina slips open only to boats in our management program. Our location is only a 50-minute ride to the Port Everglades and other great locations in the surrounding area. We offer 24-hour security and surveillance at our secured location.


Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. is a Fort Lauderdale yacht management company specializing in complete yacht care. Our team of yacht managers and technicians work together to ensure stress-free yacht ownership to all our clients. Contact us or call (954) 941-6447 today!

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