Feb 09, 2017

Case Study- How Yacht Management transformed a Viking and Pacific Mariner

Like most vessels, not all yacht restoration services are made equally. The yachts that find their way to our Fort Lauderdale marina all need a different kind of TLC. The case studies that we want to focus on here showcase two exceptional instances of yacht refitting.

72’ Viking Yacht Refitting

The yacht restoration services performed on the Viking varied in complexity. The vessel received a bottom paint job, as well as an engine room paint job, which for the most part is standard fare.

What makes this yacht refitting stand out is the engine repower, starboard engine removal, and new yacht engine installation.

Yacht Management began by cutting a hole in the salon, hoisting, and then removing the engine.

Image 0322: one

Image 0323: two

Image 0324: three

Image 0325: four

Our nautical engineers then went to work repowering and repainting the engine before reinstalling it and covering the hole that had been created to remove the engine.

Image 0326: five

Image 0327: six

Image 0328: seven

Image 0329: eight

The final step was to install a new engine. Yacht Management engineers are certified to work with all major engine designs and brands, so although a job like this was complex, it was easily handled by our partnered yacht engineers in South Florida.

Finally, the success of a yacht refitting is measured by how noticeable it is. All new parts should look as though they have always been there, in pristine condition.

85’ Pacific Mariner

The Pacific Mariner’s refitting was much more specific to the aesthetic appeal of the vessel than the Viking refit. Yacht Management was tasked with removing the existing hot tub, sun pad, and storage areas on the flybridge.

Image 0330: nine

Image 0331: ten

Image 0332: eleven

Image 0333: twelve

Then, a larger, six-person hot tub was refitted into the previous spot. To say that the yacht refitting was custom would be an understatement. Yacht Management's yacht engineers designed and installed a custom, tankless water heater system for the new hot tub.

The yacht refit team added new, non-skid padding and repainted the area to blend it perfectly into the existing aesthetic. 

Only through experience can yacht restorations of this complexity be completed. Though this case study showcases the ingenuity offered by the Yacht Management team, yacht restoration services are customized to vessels of all sizes, with varying needs.




This yacht case study focuses on the transformation of a 72’ Viking and 85’ Pacific Mariner. Yacht Management gives restoration services details here.

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