Complete Refits & Restoration

Modernize, Revitalize, And Customize Your Boat With A Complete Refit

With turnkey services and a state-of-the-art marine facility, Yacht Management can accommodate a variety of custom yacht services. Some of these services include interior and exterior refits, entertainment systems, mechanical systems, marine electrical and marine electronics.

There are two types of boat owners who contract yacht refits:

  1. Yacht owners who love their vessel and want to upgrade their finishings.
  2. Yacht buyers that have purchased a used yacht and would like to refurbish their vessel.

Whether you fall into yacht fit category one or two, Yacht Management of South Florida can help make the refit and restoration process stress-free.

Once you have decided to undergo a complete yacht refit and restoration, our team will work with you to create an organized list to plan your project. Our yacht management group works closely with several reputable naval architects that can bring your vision to life. With the collaboration of CAD drawings, your restoration concerns can be turned into obtainable projects with minimal down time.

One tip to keep in mind when shopping for yacht restoration prices is to focus on more than just the cost of the restoration. Reputation should play a factor in your decision making process for who to choose for your yacht refit. Sometimes, a price difference of 2%-7% could result in a substantial improvement in your yacht renovations.

Featured Refit

Coal Blooded

Mangunsta 80'

This recent REFIT project completed at Yacht Management Service Center on an 80' Mangusta required consideration of every detail. The owners wanted to modernize the vessel, which included metallic paint work, complete interior overhaul, electronics upgrades including re-wiring to accommodate for LED lighting and major engine and generator service.

Yacht Management is certified, capable, experienced, and ready to take on your refit! Please contact us for recent project references and to go over details of what your project consists of.

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