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4 Popular Yacht Themed Party Ideas For Charters

Sep 23, 2019

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4 Popular Yacht Themed Party Ideas

Nothing says Halloween more than people dressing up in all different kinds of costumes and having a great time. As the Halloween season comes around the corner, you may consider hosting a themed party on your private yacht or charter. Themed parties are popular among charter guests. They create memorable experiences for both guests and crew members while they are out on the water or docked at a marina.

Not only do guests get to dress up, the captain and crew also get to take off their uniforms and put on fun yacht themed party attire. Your yacht is decked out in theme-appropriate decorations and the delicious menu can also follow the theme. There plenty of boat cruise theme ideas out there, but if you're craving something classic, consider these popular yacht themed party ideas.

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Ahoy! It's all hands on deck for a pirate-themed party. There probably isn't a more well-suited theme for a party on a yacht than pirates. They too were seafarers, navigating the seas in search of treasure. While gold coins may not be the booty your guests are seeking, they'll want an exciting experience which a pirate-themed party is perfectly apt to provide.

What You'll Need: Stock up on pirate shirts, baggy pants, boots, pirate hats, plastic swords, stuffed toy parrots, and an eye patch or two. If you are going to decorate with skull and bones flags (also known as the Jolly Roger), avoid flying it on the flag post because it goes against flag etiquette, and may be illegal in some countries. And finally, where's the rum? Whether you go light or dark, rum should be the main ingredient in the night's cocktails. A Dark 'N' Stormy is sure to please!

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Yeehaw! Be inspired by the rodeo and Wild West when hosting a cowboy-themed party. While a yacht in the Caribbean or the Med is probably the farthest thing away from the ranch, cowboy parties are always a crowd-pleaser. Dancing to country crooners while sipping mint juleps is a lovely way to spend a night. Take your yacht to the old town road, at least symbolically, and say howdy to satisfied guests.

What You'll Need: The dress code includes cowboy hats, blue jeans, checkered shirts, leather belts, bandanas, and cowboy boots. Lassos, wagon wheels, and cacti make up the décor. Finally, Tennessee whiskey is the liquor of choice. An Old Fashioned or a Whiskey Sour is sure to keep guests refreshed.

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The 60s & 70s

It's always a good time for flower power! Go retro with a party inspired by the '60s or '70s. Whichever time period you choose, guests are sure to have fun dancing to rock 'n' roll classics or disco hits. Let guests party like madmen while dressed in bright psychedelic colors and munching on deviled eggs. Color, great music, and a hint of nostalgia make these types of parties popular with the yachting crowd. Whether the playlist features the Beatles or ABBA, partygoers will surely enjoy the experience.

What You'll Need: The essential 60's costume features striped polo shirts, casual slacks, colorful shift dresses, white go-go boots, and gravity-defying bouffant hairstyles. For the '70s, transform into a peace-loving hippie or a dancing queen - bell-bottoms, tie-dye, shiny jumpsuits, flower crowns, loose hair, and platform heels. As for the drinks, a bar cart offering Sidecars, Pink Ladies, Tequila Sunrises, and jelly shots is sure to be a hit!

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James Bond

The name is Bond, James Bond. Yachting and the James Bond franchise go hand-in-hand. Both exemplify luxury, world-class style, international travel, and maybe even a pinch of danger. Plenty of the best yacht charter destinations have been featured in the films and 007 has been known to board a luxury vessel here and there. It's no surprise that James Bond themed parties are sought after by many charter guests.

What You'll Need: James Bond parties are fancier than your typical yacht themed parties. Guys should whip out their tuxedos and bow ties, and ladies should slip on elegant evening dresses. The key to becoming a Bond Girl is sensuality. Tables for poker and blackjack should be set up. And for the final touch, don't forget a Martini - shaken, not stirred.


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