Jun 26, 2019

Boats with Joystick Control Are Becoming More Popular

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Boating Trends 2019: Boats with Joystick Control

The 2019 San Diego International Boat Show went off swimmingly at the start of June. Exhibitors showed off their newest boats and products to hundreds of boat owners and their families. As the four-day boat show went on throughout the sunny weekend, it was clear a few boating trends and innovations were emerging. One of the innovations gaining popularity – boats with joystick control.

“Joystick is the big thing right now. You can basically drive the boat like a video game anywhere you want to go.” – Scott Young, Sales Manager at South Coast Yacht1

What Makes Joystick Control Special?

On boats with joystick control, a more traditional steering wheel shares dashboard space with a joystick. Yes, a joystick similar to the ones you use to play videogames! Captains can move boats with joystick control port, starboard, left, and right with a simple push, pull, or twist.

Most joystick systems only involve control over a boat’s outboard engines, while a far fewer number of systems involve stern and bow thrusters. Still, joystick controls have made boating safer and more accessible to more boat owners, particularly for novice operators and beginners.

Anyone with a passing familiarity with a videogame joystick can quickly learn how to use these low-speed joystick control systems. Because if anything makes joysticks special, it’s their ability to make maneuvering and docking an outboard-powered boat easier.

Schedule Your Joystick Boat Control Retrofit Today!

First introduced into the recreational market in 2004 by Volvo, joystick control is being adopted by more and more boat owners. As a result, joystick boat control retrofits have become more common in recent years.

At Yacht Management South Florida, Inc., a luxury marina and full-service boatyard, our certified yacht technicians and refit specialists are well-equipped to handle your joystick boat control retrofit. If you want to experience the ease and fun of joystick control on your boat, schedule your yard period with us today!


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