Sep 01, 2020

How to Find a Yacht Charter Broker For Your Yacht

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How To Find A Yacht Charter Broker That’s Right For Your Vessel?

Luxury yacht charters offer an unparalleled experience to those lucky enough to book them. Guests get to enjoy a luxury yacht without having to deal with actually owning one which can be incredibly stressful especially for new yacht owners. If you are planning to have your yacht or superyacht be available for private crewed charter trips, having a yacht charter broker is essential.

Then, you must find out how to find a yacht charter broker that is right for your vessel and the area you plan on basing its operation in. The yacht chartering industry has expanded in recent years and there are now plenty of yacht charter brokers to choose from. Choosing a yacht charter company to represent your vessel can easily become overwhelming.

What Does a Yacht Charter Broker Do?

A charter broker is a type of yacht broker that connects yacht owners and charterers. They work within yacht charter brokerages and help manage yachts that are available for charter. Yacht charter brokers either represent yacht owners or charters, sometimes both. They attend boat shows and open houses to find yachts to either charter out or recommend to potential charter guests.

Where & How To Find Yacht Charter Brokers

While some yacht charter brokers work independently, most are part of yacht charter brokerages. If you are looking for a broker to represent your charter yacht, you can contact a firm directly or make an initial connection at a boat show or yachting event. However, to find a good broker, you should ask around before settling on a choice.

Ask for recommendations from other yacht owners or captains of charter yachts. Make sure the yacht charter broker you are considering is a member of a recognized and respected yacht association such as MYBA (Worldwide Yacht Brokers Association) or IYBA (International Yacht Brokers Association). Charter brokers that are MYBA or IYBA members have access to exclusive tools such as listing and broker databases like YachtFolio. This provides great value to the charter yachts they represent.  

Attracting Yacht Charter Brokers

If you are looking for a broker to connect your vessel with charter clients, there are number of events you can have your yacht attend. Charter brokers are regular attendees of boat shows and open houses. In fact, yachting associations typically hold multiple open houses throughout the year for charter yachts. It is a good idea for your yacht to be freshly clean and carefully presented, so charter brokers that come on board will be impressed. Having your chef prepare gourmet hor d'oeuvres will also go a long way in impressing yacht charter brokers and encouraging them to recommend your vessel to their clients


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