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Yacht Charter Brokers vs. Listing Broker vs. Selling Broker

Jul 09, 2020

types of yacht brokersCharter Broker vs. Listing Broker vs. Selling Broker for Yachts

In the yachting industry, there are numerous types of brokers you will usually encounter. Some of them represent yacht owners, while others represent yacht buyers and charter guests. These licensed professionals guide clients through the process of chartering, buying, or selling a yacht. The most common types of yacht brokers are charter brokers, listing brokers, and sales brokers. Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. explores the responsibilities of each type of broker and what’s the difference between them.

Yacht Charter Broker

A yacht charter brokerage is a company that charters out and manages charter yachts. Yacht charter brokers work within these companies and either represent the yacht owner or the charterer. The role of the charter broker is to attend boat shows and open houses to find yachts to either charter out or recommend to their charterer clients. They will gather information on the yacht, its crew, and the market to make the best recommendations. Yacht charter brokers will work with yacht management companies and yacht fleet managers to help create tailored itineraries and plan every component of a charter.

Yacht Listing Broker

A yacht listing broker is hired by yacht sellers to serve as a representative for the sale of their vessel. The role of the listing broker is to effectively market your yacht to buyers. One way they do that is by creating a broker’s listing of your boat which they typically publish on popular websites like YachtWorld,, and Yacht Harbor. Only listing brokers can list yachts on these sites and it is a major advantage if you want to sell your vessel. Once an interested buyer approaches, a listing broker will help move the sale forward and will take a commission once it is finalized.

Yacht Sales Broker

The main difference between a listing broker and selling broker in the yachting industry is that a listing broker represents the seller, while the selling broker represents the buyer. A yacht selling broker, also called a yacht sales broker or buyer’s broker, helps yacht buyers locate a vessel that is for sale. They will then qualify the yacht by researching its condition and ensure it is the best option for their clients. Yacht sales brokers will then assist their clients in making an offer for a yacht and guide them until the purchase is finalized. After the sale, selling brokers typically attend the sea trial and survey as well as help new yacht owners find moorage, yacht clubs, yacht maintenance specialists, and yacht restoration facilities.

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