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Analyzing Yacht Crew Turnover Rates

Nov 16, 2021

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Triton magazine published an article discussing an ongoing situation that has been occurring within the superyacht industry since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. First-time yacht owners are experiencing a high-crew turnover rate that has created a detrimental decline in the efforts of hiring experienced crew members to help manage yachts while out on charter. As more Americans adopt the yachting lifestyle since the pandemic, these “new” yacht owners struggle to find experienced yacht crews that have mastered the trade of caring for yachts and their guests while out at sea. 

At Yacht Management, we are taking a deep dive into the high yacht crew turnover rate that has taken yacht owners by storm and has become an overwhelming issue within the industry. 

The Decline in Experienced Yacht Crew Members

Yacht owners everywhere want crew members that they can trust and count on when they are ready to set sail. The shortage of crew members has halted the industry while the lack of experienced crews has diminished. It is imperative that crew members are dedicated to their jobs as there are many nuances to master within the industry. Every yacht owner is different with their own systems and how they expect their crew members to operate. Everyone has a different preference as to how they expect their yacht to be cared for when being chartered. Finding dedicated crew members that are both adaptable and a commitment to a great work ethic has been harder to find since the COVID-19 epidemic. 

It is no secret that when there are high-crew turnover rates it takes time for replacement staff and green crew to learn how to operate a yacht and to learn the preferences requested by the yacht owner. Developing healthy working relationships with crew members takes time as well and if yacht owners are unable to maintain crew members, the yachting industry will begin to see a decline in inexperienced crew members such as a chief stew, chefs, deckhands, mates, and more. 

Hiring a Yacht Crew that Won’t Turnover on You 

OurSouth Florida marina and yacht maintenance company can help you ensure you don't experience the rollercoaster ride of yacht crew turnover. We offer a better and more cost-efficient alternative to yacht crews. Let our superyacht management team alleviate the need for a full-time crew on your yacht. 

We provide yacht owners with an experienced yacht manager that will handle all aspects when it comes to boat ownership and will work directly with your ownership preferences and yacht needs. If our yacht owners have or require a full-time crew, our team will find, hire, and manage the crew so the owner can peacefully enjoy their yacht.

Contact us today to learn more about hiring a yacht crew and be sure to ask about our Fort Lauderdale yacht restoration as well as hull cleaning services

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Page 62 - Triton Magazine: Current Print Issue

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